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1990 was a year of discussion involving several topics. The discussions involved slash, fan rights, Mary Sues and publishing issues of fanzines among others. Fanzines would continued to be published and the Internet began to grow in importance.

One of the ongoing discussions in 1990 on-line was fan rights and fan ownership. By this period, a number of Star Trek fen felt that if it were not for them, Star Trek was dead and that the attempts on the part of Paramount to crack down on some fannish activities. These activities included fanzine production and the distribution of fan fiction and fan art.

In a pattern that will be repeated in several fan fiction communities, the Starsky and Hutch community wanted to preserve the history of their fan fiction and their fanzines. The Starsky and Hutch community’s answer to this desire was the Starsky and Hutch Lending Library. It was founded in 1990 by Linda L. Cabrillo in order to facilitate the sharing and preservation of out of print fanzines.

Slash appeared on-line this year in one of the first references to be found. This reference happened on Usenet in the Star Trek community. The reference was found in rec.arts.startrek’s FAQ.

The Bill fan fiction community became active in Australia. The community was producing zines. One example from this year of zine from this community was Sierra Oscar. This zine was eighteen pages long and contained a piece of fan fiction in letter form.

In the Miami Vice fan fiction community, the fanzine tradition continued. One of the zines published this year included The Daydream by Dave Schaffer. This was published in April.

Mary Sue, where are you? This is an observation made on rec.art.startrek by Bob Mosley III. He noted that Mary Sue has been noticeably absent in the posting of fan fiction to the group. No posts prior to this mention her. This stands out given that there are very few other references to Mary Sue on Usenet prior to this date. Various zine communities had been struggling with Mary Sue for sometime but this was fan space where it was not an issue.

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