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1996 and the big, power fandoms are girding their loins, developing things that will matter to the community in the years down the line. Xena airs and the femslash starts. Anime creates FanFic.Com. X-Files does MSR and slash. Star Trek: Voyager does fanon development. Babylon 5 built their mailing lists and resolved fannish jms interaction.

Xena ended its first season and started its second season this year. The related fan fiction community would get started with several key events happening. Lunacy documented several of these key events. They include the founding of Tom’s Xena Page, which became the premiere Xena page of the day, the growth of Alternative f/f slash fan fiction starting between August and October of this year and Dax opening her website, Obsessions, which housed only Alternative fan fiction.

The X-Files fan fiction community begins to become more Mulder/Scully Romance centered and the subgenre being a dominant force in the organization of the community. At the same time that this is happening, the slash component, largely marginalized and kept separate from the bigger archives and alt.tv.x-files.creative, begins to form and grow. On July 31, Brenda Antrim's "Krychek" was the first piece of Mulder/Krycek slash, and between October and December, the Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association and the Mulder/Skinner Slash Society were created. These three events would be very influential in the X-Files slash fan fiction community.

The anime fan fiction community continued on, still relatively separate from the media, comic and book based fan fiction. This year, the anime community would see the founding of FanFic.Com, one of the more influential archives for a long time in that community.

The Sherlock Holmes fan fiction community had some canonical universe inter-community tussling. As Sherlock Holmes pastiche had gone professional, people began to be fans of the secondary sources. This did not make fans of the original material happy, having their fan space invaded by people who were not true fen. Ostracization of fen of the secondary material would lead to a number of people fleeing for other fan space. Among the groups to leave included fans of Mary Russell. They left and founded Russ-L.

Fanon started to evolve in the Star: Trek Voyager community thanks to the efforts of some influential authors who would inspire a number of other authors. One of the more important authors creating work which would give this community the Tom Paris was raped in prison, what do you mean it isn’t canon fan was Brenda Antrim.

Infrastructure in the Babylon 5 fan fiction community was built by this time. Unrestb5 and b5creative had been firmly established. One was an adult list with slash and het. The other was an all ages list with crossovers, authorfic, het fic, John/Delenn romance. The community came to terms by this time with what it meant to have the producer on-line: be careful.

The first Tomb Raider game faturing Lara Croft was released, and the first Tomb Raider fan fiction was written.

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