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2000 is the year of FanFiction.Net. The site reaches a point where it is an archive utilized by many fan fiction archives as their primary source. People begin the referring to feedback as reviews. The complaints about quantity of feedback / reviews continues with a lot of complainers composed of fan fiction novices.

Mailing lists were also at their shining and brightest thanks to the ease of use of services like Topica and EGroups. A number of influential lists that would influence the course of their fan fiction communities were founded. These include RS-X, Better Buffy Fics, Prospect-L, ER Realms of Slash, Fanthropology, and Harry Potter for Grown Ups.

This year would also be defined by some fannish tussles with the powers that be in their fan fiction communities. The two big ones are Star Wars and Anne Rice. The Star Wars fracas involved the creation of web space on StarWars.Com for fans to use if they signed up for a site. The wording of the Terms of Service for people who signed up for the site was such that anything uploaded to the site became the intellectual property of the people who ran StarWars.Com. This set off alarm bells in the fan fiction community. The crusade to address this issue would be led by Elizabeth Durack. The result of this event was a more critical examination of Terms of Service and the encouragement of more fan fiction community activism. The Anne Rice incident involved an about face in terms of the creator’s policy regarding fan fiction. This was followed up by a round of Cease and Desist letters, a person connected to Anne Rice engaging in on-line stalker behavior and harassment, the posting of personal information on Usenet and more. The fannish lesson learned this year was be careful about what information you put out there about yourself.

BadFic, a tradition which can be traced back to Paula Smith’s Mary Sue, became more main stream and critical, less kind approaches to critiquing fan fiction began to happen. This was evident across fan fiction communities with the rise of lists and websites like Better Buffy Fics, Citizens Against Bad Slash, the Wicked X Witches and God Awful Fan Fiction. It was also mirrored in the greater proliferation of MSTs of fan fiction. This main stream acceptance would help set the climate later for groups such as fandom_wank and people like Lil_Princess from the Good Charlotte community.

In the world of canon universes, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released, X-Files is in its seventh season, and Star Trek Voyager entered its sixth season. K.A. Applegate continued to publish new Animorphs books

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