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2002 is a year of leaving the fan fiction community. It is also a year mixed responses to issues pertaining to the archiving of adult material. It marked the decline of importance of the Sailor Moon community as a driving force in web design. The year is also one where the fan fiction community continued along as it had before.

Getting Away From It All, GAFIATing, is a pattern that seemed to define what was happening in a number of communities as several influential members of various communities would leave their fan fiction communities and stop writing. Among the people who did this was Ryan Matthews.

Adult content control access becomes an issue with two important events happening. On the anime side of the broader fan fiction community, Aestheticism shut down their adult protected fan fiction archive hosting on Virtual City. The Harry Potter fan fiction community had an opposite reaction. There were efforts to restrict access to adult materials. Badly, the result of this movement, the creation of the Restricted Section website, was targeted with a cease and desist notice for their adult content. This event happened shortly after an article by The Scotsman newspaper which focused on this content. On a broader fannish level, FanFiction.Net banned all fan fiction rated NC-17 from their site. This left parts of the fannish community in turmoil as the fan fiction community has never been a cohesive group with a single group understanding. FanFiction.Net’s policy change said NC-17 was banned but the site took no action in defining what the difference between material rated R and NC-17 was.

The tradition of giving out awards for excellence in fan fiction continued. Most of the ones given out the previous year were again given out in 2002. The continuance of this tradition stemmed from the lack of upheaval this year in smaller communities. There were very few boiling over events which caused fission which would keep people from continuing with this tradition.

This year marked the end of the Sailor Moon fan fiction community dominance with web development. In the period between 1997 to 2002, Sailor Moon fen had set the bar high for the type of image integration, fancy features and graphic design that other communities could only hope to match. The end of this dominance would spell the start to more simple, less graphically enhanced, easier to use sites across a variety of fan fiction communities. It also marked the start of the growing influence of LiveJournal as a place to find people to help with graphic creation.

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