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Google Trends information from January 2006 for Doctor Who

Plagiarism is going to be a continuing issue throughout the year. Numerous incidents in several fandoms were going to be reported with varying degrees of fallout. One incident in January was reported around the 23rd. On that date, it was reported that Cuddly_kitten2135 plagiarised Always_jbj, Amanda K., AngelsLame, Burnzitt, Christine B. Smith, Dennydc, Elizabeth Anne/ElizaDeath, Elysian, Enigmaticblue, Fer1213, Jennifer Crusie, Jeremy M. Usher, KellyHK, Kur, Lona T, mommanerd, Myfeetshowit, Nautibitz, Patty Anne, raven39_25, Redwolfoz, Sanguinary, Speaker2customrs, Spikesfool, sueworld2003, Wissixwe and others. This plagiarism occurred in the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer community.

In January, Cassandra Claire, LLC was formed. This is one of the first instances in fandom of a fan fiction writer creating a corporation to protect their own legal interest that extend beyond that fan as an individual.

Sheryl Swoopes, a member of the WNBA, came out in October 2005. Prior to this announcement, she featured heavily in the WNBA fan fiction community. After the announcement, many writers were hesitant to slash her because they were unsure of how to do this in light of the new information. Some people felt uncomfortable because it was hitting too close to reality.

Harry/Hermione discussion chart
Discussion of the Harry/Hermione pairing for the year peaked in early January. *

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File:150px-Gorrilaz on Google in February 2006.png
Google Trends information from January 2006 for Gorillaz
On February 4, stop_plagiarism reported that Darkdreamer plagiarised over 20 people.

In early 2006, there were three active fan groups on the Gorillaz Official Forum: 2Dists, Murdoc Minions and the Murdoc and 2D Groupies.

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Sometime during 2006, probably around March, all of the NC-17 rated material by Cassandra_Claire on Potter Slash Archive has the author name changed from Cassandra Claire to Epicyclical. During this same period, Cassandra Claire's Schnoogle page was removed from Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Despite the page disappearances, on March 7, Draco Veritas chapter 17 was updated on FictionAlley.Org.

During the year, many communities would claim that their fandom was dead and dying. These fen attributed death to lack of new stories, lack of posting to LiveJournal communities and mailing list, lack of kerfluffling and more. In March, the Andromeda fan fiction community would go a period where several fans complained that their community was dying.

By March, Better Buffy Fics included Firefly and Serenity related works in their remit. This was a further signal of the cult of personality which surrounded Joss Whedon and demonstrated that they were willing to integrate those fandoms into a truely communal fanspace. This contrasts with some fandoms surrounding other prominent creators like JMS and Gene Gene Roddenberry where their multiple fandoms did not overlap as seamlessly in membership and fanspace.

By March, a number of prominent members of the Star Trek and Xena f/f slash communities had become professionally published lesbian authors. Most of the ones who had sold books had done so by getting published with Bold Stroke Books, a publisher founded by X-Files fan fiction writer Radclyffe. The number of fan fiction authors published by Bold Strokes would continue to increase in the ensuing months.

On March 1, Arislanchan wrote an essay for Daiken/Kensuke for ship_manifesto at LiveJournal. It summarized the relationship between the characters as well as gives as explanation why they're capable of being a couple and was highly influential.

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On April 5, 2006, Diane Marchant passed away. It is highly probable that with out her enthuaism, her dedication and her love of Star Trek, that fandom would be different today. She helped bring slash out of the closet by publishing the first piece of Kirk/Spock fan fiction. She helped organize influential Star Trek conventions and was one of the major players in organizing Australia's fan fiction community.

Plagiarism continued to be a problem going into April. On the 10th, it was reported on Image:community.gifstop_plagiarism that Narcissus in Chains plagiarised agtkrycek, Angelrhose, beellegee, Black_Rose_Fallen, Chaos Dragon, Kalika, Lisa_Evelyns, Marasmine, Melanie Eden, Miguellawolf, bleedtoblue, Narcissus Unchained on Pomme de Sang, Raintiger, SatiricalPhilosophy, PDS, saturdays_angel and WishUponAStar. The fandoms involved were Anita Blake, Prison Break, and Supernatural. Plagiarism continued to be a problem in the Harry Potter fan fiction community with authors such as Gypsy and its_art having their work plagiarized and posted to the Harry Potter fan fiction archive, HPStories.com. [*]

In April, a small press called Rockfic Press, borne out of RockFic.Com, began publishing band fiction novels, anthologies and short story collections using POD (print on demand) technology. The first book was a collection of stories featuring Metallica. Unlike traditinal media fan fiction communities, the BandFic community embraced this new method of sharing stories and there were not kerfluffles involving Print on Demand and professionally published books of fan fiction published by fans.

There was mild wank in the Tekkoshocon boards in early April, as the cosplayers got ripped off. They were not amused.

On April 20, Paramount confirmed a new Star Trek movie would be made. The movie would probably feature a young James Kirk and younger Spock. It would be directed by JJ Abrams, the director of Mission Impossible III. [*]

On April 24, CassandraClare.Com was bought by Image:userinfo.gifheidi8. It was shortly after this that Cassandra Claire dropped the i from her name on-line and it was revealed that she would be published under that spelling. One of the reasons for the name change was supposedly to seperate her fan works from her professional works. It was shortly after this, along with the continued publicity of her book in various parts of fandom, that people discussed in various anon and hate memes trying to Googlebomb her with terms related to Cassandra Claire. It is one of the first known efforts in fandom to try to Googlebomb some one people didn't like and shows the power that Google had been given in fandom.

Late April featured "Slytherfen, Meet "Slytherfanatics" wank in the Harry Potter fan fiction community.

On April 29, 2006, Kate Mulgrew celebrated her birthday at Riverside Studios. Among the people present at this celebration were some fans of hers. Pictures from this birthday celebration would help continue to fuel the Star Trek: Voyager fandom that was based around Kathryn Janeway.

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In May 2006, the CSI community dealt with some issues pertaining to a plagiarism problem in the community. On unrelated note, May 20, Image:community.gifstop_plagiarism reported that Bonanza1438 plagiarised LaDySiN. Six days later, on May 20, they reported that Ronin S Oath plagiarised vain_chan and swgmigraines, alfirin_kirinki, Slug, Lynch, and Snowfire6392.

May kicked off the start of a number of summertime ficathons. One of these was a Harry/Hermione ficathon which took place at Image:community.gifharmony06fics. This particular ficathon ended in September.

From May to July, The Lawrence Awards were held in the Supernatural fan fiction community. They, like the FanQs held later in the month, go to demonstrate that fandom likes to support its own, acknowledge those who have positively contributed to the community, seeks to draw attention to those who are worthy and to find quality stories to read. 2006 is thus not much different then 1976.

Discussion of the Harry/Draco pairing for the year peaked in early May.

In late May, MediaWest was held. This is the big zine convention of the year, with origins dating back to the 1970s. The FanQs were again awarded and zines continued to be sold. One example from the convention included stargate sg-1 foundations, issue number 7. Other fandoms that would be represented in the fanzine circle this year would include Numb3rs, Supernatural, NCIS, Magnificent 7 and Sentinel.

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In June, Wize, a member of FanFiction.Net and a participant in the site's chat room dating back to 2000, had a virtual get together of members from that time period. " [*] He managed to find some 32 past members who registered. He found another five members who refused to join because they had moved beyond it. Most members had stopped writing fan fiction, had moved to original fiction and were generally non-fannish.

Sometime in June, the 250,000th Harry Potter fan fiction was added to FanFiction.Net.

Fan films had begun to play an important role in the Star Trek fan fiction community. They helped spur interest in fan vids and some fen had begun to see those as indistinguishable from fan fiction in that they were both fiction, fan created and products of fanac. They gained additional attention when the summer edition of Fan Films Quarterly listed Hidden Frontier and New Voyages "as one of the 10 most pivotal moments in fan film history." [*]

Hate memes were an ongoing thing in June 2006. Image:userinfo.gifwhite_prophet has been credited with getting them started and popularizing it in 2003 and 2004. They are a form of expression that seem unable to die, being perpetuated in late 2006 by memes like Image:userinfo.giflol_meme. Two that were active at this time which would later be suspended include Image:userinfo.gifh8memelives and Image:userinfo.gifloathememe. There was discussion around this time as to the percieved value of them in the fan fiction community. Some felt that they were a useful tool in terms of giving fen a sense of empowerment, one they felt stripped of because of BNFs. Others did not like the anonimity they provided and the level of vitrol they evoked. Frequent subjects of Harry Potter hate memes during this time period included Cassandra Claire, Heidi8, Msscribe, fpb, Gun, oulangi. Other memes frequently touch upon people and things like Fandom wank, Emiweebee. They also gained popualarity in the Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, and Highlander fandoms at this time.

On June 1, 2006, Msscribe changed her LiveJournal name from Light_music to Image:userinfo.gifdelawarean and opened some posts to the public. [*] This event will be one of the triggers that encouraged Charlotte Lennox to post her story to Bad Penny.

In June, Henry Jenkins started blogging. Topics he posted about would foster a lot of meta discussion in certain parts of fandom.

On June 2, HP Education Fanon, Inc.'s website went live. [*]

Discussion of the Snape/Harry pairing for the year peaked in early June. [*]

On June 7, Image:community.gifstop_plagiarism reported that SaimiChan plagiarised Ralphiere, Limey and Asrella.

On June 8, Image:community.giflittle_bit_foxy was created for the "First Annual DW Kinkathon." It was created in response to a feeling by some in the Doctor Who lacked non-vanilla sex stories.

On June 14, Image:userinfo.gifheidi8 complained that some one was in the planning stage for a Harry Potter convention and they had not consulted her. In the post to her LiveJournal on the topic, she called Harry Potter fans idiots. [*] This was viewed as many as signalling the almost official end of the influence of the Inner Circle of Harry Potter, the demise of which had been building since 2001 when there was a mass exodus from FanFiction.Net.

On June 28, Jim Baen passed away. He was frequently described as one of the biggest science fiction fanboys around. He influenced many, his impact being felt in fan fiction communities with his efforts at EPublishing books. Baen's Bar brought more fans and authors together, giving them a unique place to interact.

From mid to late June, there was an increased discussion about fandom wank in fandom. [*]

In late June, the Harry Potter fan fiction community went through "Wankity Fair". This involved a user by the name of charlottelennox writing up the history of one of the well known big name fans of the fandom, the account being found over in the community bad_penny on JournalFen. This retelling set out to link the person irrevocably to many of the wanks that had taken place from early 2003 to 2006, as well as to prove that they had created many sock puppets purely to advance themselves in fandom. This news both entranced and rocked the fandom.

Around June 29, fandom learned that Kaavya Viswanathan, a plagiarist from Harvard University, was a fan of Cassandra Claire.

On June 30, SugarQuill added Google Ads to the site. This was the first time the site had advertisements on it. The site needed these ads as the site was costing $200 a month to run. This demonstrates that larger fan sites, once reliant on user donations paying for hosting or paid out of pocket by the maintainors are not defraying enough of the costs to maintain some fannish infrastructure that fandom has come to rely. When LiveJournal did the something similar, offering plus accounts which included ads for extra features, it was a sign that this practice was clearly here to stay on what was once considered private space where, if fen were percieved as profitting, they'd risk the wrath of their fellow fen and the powers that be.

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There was wank in July at cosplay.com over the AnimeNEXT cosplay competition, as a thirteen year old who supposedly had a mental problem got kicked out of a younger age bracket that her mother signed her up for. The "girl" and "her mother" both posted under the girl's screenname, angry that she didn't get a prize for being in the twelve and under bracket even though she wasn't twelve.

Naruto filler arc continued into the summer. Grouching was had. There seemed to be growing discontent in the fandom at the direction the storyline has taken, with a few people coming to me asking for betas/OC work who cited said discontent with the series as their main reason for their particular storyline. If that sentence makes any sense.

On July 1, Image:community.gifstop_plagiarism reported that Ponine Therander plagiarised Claire, Lydia, Alexandria, Etienne Noret, and Mlle.

On July 4, despite a BBC press embargo effective until midnight, news breaks on the internet that Billie Piper's replacement will be Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman.

Discussion of the Ron/Hermione pairing for the year peaked in mid July. [*]

On July 22, Niuserre announced Slug & Jiggers Apothecary had moved to its own domain and had incorporated all stories from the Snape Slash Fleet Severus/James archive, More Than Enemies.

Sometime in mid 2006, Meredith's Messageboard closed. This message board was home to parts of the Adventures of Shirley Holmes fan fiction community.

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FanHistory search keyphrases movement for August

In August, after a break of nearly three years, one novel-length Revolutionary Girl Utena fic that was presumed dead, Archimage, by Jude McLaughlin, was updated.

On August 10, Image:community.gifstop_plagiarism reported that AjBuffyFan100 plagiarised Foxfire141.

On August 15, Dirge of Cerberus was released. This game had been much anticipated and helped foster renewed interest in the Final Fantasy VII fan fiction community.

In August, several Big Name Fans from the Harry Potter fandom were outed as plagiarists. This included Image:userinfo.gifheidi8 and Image:userinfo.gifangiej. This information startly some but was ultimately not that surprising to many others. Some grudgewankers were disappointed that fandom did not react more negatively to this but both of these parties were beginning to wander away from that corner of fandom and months of expose type stuff had worn thin.

LiveJournal communities created in August


FanHistory search keyphrases movement for September

In 2006, The WB ceased operation as an independent network when it merged its assets with rival UPN under the CBS banner. The CW network was the result of the merger and launched its first programming in September.

On September 2, Image:userinfo.gifdw_anon appeared on Livejournal and hit the maximum of 5,000 comments within five days. Issues raised included shipwars, Big Name Fans and low-quality fic.

On September 4, Image:community.gifstop_plagiarism reported that Image:userinfo.gifphoenixnike plagiarised Image:userinfo.gifvictoria_wayne. A week later, on September 11, they reported that Peclicken plagiarised Image:userinfo.gifladyoneill.

On September 5, Empty Movement updates, with more fanfiction, fan art, and five new analysis essays. This signals important movement in the Revolutionary Girl Utena fandom.

On September 9, Moments of Rapture celebrated its fifth birthday. It is a Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell, 1x2 Gundam Wing fan site. Gundam continued to have an impact in fandom this year as one of the largest, active anime communities.

In September/October, in the Gorillaz fandom, both the 2Dist and Murdoc Minions were shut down because of the amount of spam and 'raids' where fans would post insults and wreak general havoc in both groups.


FanHistory search keyphrases movement for October

October celebrated forty years of Star Trek. Among the festivities to commemerate this event was a large Star Trek convention, run by Creation, held in Las Vegas. The convention had all the Star Trek captains attending including Scott Bakula. Christie's had a Star Trek themed auction which was the big highlight of this celebration of forty years of Star Trek. One of the items, a replica of the Starship Enterprise used in Star Trek: The Next Generation, went for $576,000. USD. [*]

In October, Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet by by Karen Hellekson (Editor), Kristina Busse (Editor) was published. This book helped to increase interest in fandom of academic related study of fandom.

On October 1, Image:community.gifstop_plagiarism reported that Princess Thief RikkuAyamani plagiarised Image:userinfo.gifhiryuu. Almost three weeks later, on October 20, they reported that Takker plagiarised TheExitDoor.

October saw wank involving the Astral Plane and Lady Darkness. The wank took place in the Final Fantasy VII and garnered enough attention to be mentioned on Fandom Wank.

In October, WinchesterCon was held in Nashville, Tennessee. [*] It was the first Supernatural convention to be held and was primarily slash centric.

On October 15, FanFiction.Net and God Awful Fan Fic both celebrated their eighth birthdays. Other sites continued to age, with FictionAlley having celebrated its fifth birthday in July. For many fen, their fannish experience has never not included these sites, offering a constant backdrop to their fannish experience. All help to date a person's experiences and perceptions of fandom.

On October 23, season three of Forever Knight was released on DVD. This was a plus for ensuring continued interest in the Forever Knight fan fiction community. Other communities had gained renewed interest when the material was released on DVD and went into syndication.

In October and November, there was a wave of Tennant/Piper stories being posted in the Doctor Who real person fic fan fiction community. Some people in the community attributed these stories to Doctor/Rose relationship ending.

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FanHistory search keyphrases movement for November

On November 1, Empty Movement contacts Alan Harnum and Lady Brick and revive the Utena Fanfiction Repository under their own web domain. Lady Brick expresses interest at keeping it more up to date and Giovanna decides to keep Empty Movement's fanfiction separated from the UFR.

In early November, a "radio transmission" is heard on Gorilla's flash site in "The Room of Brians" that is of Noodle maydaying the bassist, Murdoc. She apparently needs a map and is telling the band to leave the house "before it's too late." [*]

On November 7, Anik LaChev announced that she was still working on her highly influential and well loved Janeway/7 Uber story, Campus. This made a lot of people in that community happy as they had been waiting over a year for an update or further news on the story.

Gears of War was released for X-Box 360 on November 7. People tried to kill each other for copies when it came out, and people wanked about the ending music.

On November 27, Image:community.gifstop_plagiarism reported that Hinata_hyuga plagiarised fairady.

Mailing lists created in November


FanHistory search keyphrases movement for December Fan gifting community/Secret Santa fic exchanges were big in December, more prominent and visible than the previous year. Some of the popularity of this was helped by the fact that the architecture for many were already in place from previous years or had been in planning since July.

On December 1, stop_plagiarism reported that limulan plagiarised lightbird777, candy__chan, Princesses Mercury and Venus, MyId and Lady Sanna. Two days later, on December 3, they reported that bluesemicolon plagiarized at least 22 authors and 30 stories.

By December, membership at the internet's largest Naruto discussion forum, NarutoFan, numbered 74,968.

LiveJournal communities created in December

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