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AdultFanFiction.Net was created in response to FanFiction.Net's removal of all NC-17 rated stories from their site in 2002. All types of adult content is permitted. The site started with approximately 100 authors in 2002. As of November 2009, it receives approximately 113,000 visitors a month[1], list about 111,000 authors and more than 11,000 stories published in the Anime index.

Every day, the site goes down for approximately one hour so that that day's published works can be backed up. This has become known as "Our Daily Moment of Downtime"[2]. This occurs around around 4 AM EST/9 AM GMT.

The Archivists

Jaxxy has solely owned and managed this site since the spring of 2006. Two other friends to the site, DemonGoddess and Manta2g, aid her, mostly in technical matters. Besides these three, perhaps a dozen more help to maintain the site and its forum in various other ways [citation needed].

Archive Policies

Stories for and by adults are hosted on this site, whether original or fan fiction, and regardless of content or quality. The only activities that are not tolerated at are plagiarism, abuse of other site users, indulging in troll-like behavior, and viewing or participating in the website while under the age of 18. This site has been known to host fan fiction for fandoms of which the creator(s) specifically asked that fans refrain from writing about [citation needed].

Archive History was created in late 2002 by Ayla Olson, using the Storyline archive software with modifications by CA Moore. For a year or more, the site's membership was adequately served by this software, as it hosted a relatively small amount of works. Since that time, the population of's membership has exploded, forcing its software, managers, and community to discover and persevere through many necessary changes.

When Ayla realized the magnitude of the site's user base towards the end of 2004, she created several Yahoo! Groups to help manage the website. Ayla populated the Groups with moderators, namely Beth Brownell and Apollo. Some of the Groups allowed members of the site to come together, discuss site-related matters, receive status reports during downtimes or funds drives, and socialize, while a few existed as meeting places for the moderators. The Main Group quickly became popular; at its peak, it had a membership in excess of 8,000 members [citation needed].

Other names brought into the management Groups are Blu, Chilli, Firuze, Gem, Jaxxy, May, Maya X, Paranoid, Snowfall, Trollmia, and wolfie. By the middle of 2005, there was a Fan Art Group, a Betas' Group, and the Main Group for the public.

In August 2005, Ayla entrusted equal ownership of to Apollo and Beth Brownell. She explained that she had encountered some challenging real-life situations that were not expected to resolve quickly. Beth Brownell served as the publicly-known site owner, while Apollo managed the Yahoo! Groups and remained tacit co-owner of the site.

This arrangement lasted until September 21, 2005, when Apollo removed Beth from the position of co-owner for reasons that are not clearly understood but which Beth has since revealed [3]. Jaxxy, formerly the Yahoo! Art Group's assistant moderator, stepped in for Beth and became publicly recognized as co-owner of the site. Apollo and Jaxxy worked with a "Silent Third Partner" to act as a third responsible party, when and if the other two co-owners were not around to pay the bills or handle questions from the moderators. The identity of this "Silent Third Partner", Hellborne, was revealed three months later upon the unfortunate circumstance of her death, although not publicly.

Some notable changes to the site during this time period included a redesign of its format to its classic purple and gray scheme, courtesy of a technical moderator, Chana Kennington; many policy changes, one requiring disclaimers to be placed on all non-original stories; the volunteering of a new technical helper, Dark Avenger; and, the conception of a banner rotating system that would later fund many of the site's operating costs.

In January 2006, the Forum was launched, and, eventually, several moderators took up positions there. Most of the community was more familiar with the Yahoo! Groups and their moderators, and chose not to use the Forum [citation needed].

In early 2006, amongst legendary downtimes due to both coding inadequacy and serious hosting issues, Apollo slowly phased herself out of association with [citation needed]. She was gone by April 2006, leaving Jaxxy in sole proprietorship.

In the spring of 2006, the site was forced to split its databases or face a fatal database crash. During the process, experienced even more downtime. Initially, the site operated as one monolithic, precariously balanced database that was to serve all its fandoms. Today, fandoms like Harry Potter, Naruto, and InuYasha along with other broader categories exist on their own subdomains. At the time, a centralized login system for all of the subdomains was thought impossible.

In January 2007, age verification software, involving the requirement of an e-signature upon member registration, was applied to the site. Sometime during the month of February, Dark Avenger admitted to crashing the site to another moderator, and it stayed down for three weeks [citation needed]. New moderators - Echtrae, Hellfyrre, Madapple, and Nanaea - were also added during this time.

Jaxxy went on hiatus for the Summer of 2007; the duration of and circumstances surrounding this event are still highly disputed. [citation needed]. During this time, the moderators ran the site in absentia. In July 2007, the four head moderators claimed ownership of the site[citation needed] by taking over the website's server hosting account, removing all mentions of Jaxxy as owner of the site, and barring Jaxxy's access to the PayPal account she had created to act as the site's treasury.

Jaxxy regained control on September 2nd, 2007. The four head moderators, in an effort to keep AFF's monies out of Jaxxy's hands, sent the whole of it on to Nexcess. However, the site's funds were was not released to Nexcess until November 2007 [citation needed].

On that day, Chilli, Dark Avenger, Firuze, and Paranoid resigned. They claimed abandonment and theft by Jaxxy, citing these as the primary reasons for their departure [citation needed]. The public Yahoo! Groups, that had been used by several thousand members since 2004, were among the other fatalities of the day. Jaxxy asked that the newly homeless community use the Forum, and set to work to prepare the Forum for the size and needs of the site's membership. She issued a public allegation of website hijacking, denied any wrong-doing, and scrambled to repopulate the staff and repair the considerable damage done [4].

In the days surrounding this upheaval, also lost Gem (who had run the Art Group for a long time, yet now found herself without it) and Akasha (who had been a lead member of the Awards Group and a help to the technical team). In less than a week, was left without an administration and few helpers.

In mid-September, celebrated its fifth birthday with a return to the old purple-and-gray color scheme and the adoption of a new logo depicting the site's name layered over the number "5".

More than a month later, all but one of the Forum moderators relinquished their posts followed the path of the old moderators, resigning within one hour on the morning of October 21st 2007. These moderators were Nanaea, Polywolly ladydeathfaerie, DazzledFirestar, Leonhart29, Madapple, Big Samurai, Pixagi, Adara, Redsliver, NightScribe, Echtrae and Evil_Megalith_Labs. They cited irreconcilable differences with the site management, and left word of their departure widely posted [citation needed]. Backup copies of these letters were created by those who suspected Jaxxy of an attempted cover-up, although a thread already existed on the site's Forum in which the matter was being openly discussed. Copies of the Forum staff's resignation letters remain posted around the Internet as of January 2008 [citation needed]. From the group that left, all but two are currently co-founders of Evocative Fics and Forums which is still in the beta stages.

Since that time, a peaceful and prosperous environment has visited Some of the first improvements that mark this time are the reworking and re-release of the website's recommended reading feature, the long-awaited reinstitution of a centralized login process, an 'archive jump' menu that transported users from one subdomain to the other via the author page, and the condensing of the site's many drop-down menus into an intuitive system of (suitably, purple) tabs.

In October of 2007, DemonGoddess joined the staff as a technical advisor and the Forum administrator. DemonGoddess soon designed and put into action a solid plan for the re-organization of the Forum, in order to prepare it for the reception of the erstwhile AFF Yahoo! Group members [citation needed].

On December 31, 2007 and January 1, 2008, a few hours of service were lost for the Forum as it underwent an upgrade of 31 versions. Many users, having missed the fellowship of the defunct Yahoo! Groups, responded to the resulting "new" Forum right away, registering for it and playing with its various new features within a few days. Overall, the Forum saw a membership growth spurt that brought its population from 400 to 1,300 in the time-span from September 2007 to January 2008 [citation needed]. As of July 2008, there are more than 2,500 registered Forum members. The number of unregistered users online, or "guests", is commonly three to five times the number of those who are registered.

In April 2008, yet another major reorganization (this time, of the fiction archive) was orchestrated and implemented by DemonGoddess, and in the summer of 2008, it remains a work in progress. Among other things, several categories are to be merged with others to allow smoother navigation, and, ultimately, reduce bandwidth consumption.

Major site alterations, such as policy, server hosting plans, and the purchase of new software, no longer require public discussion. This has significantly reduced's tendency to infight, and has therefore facilitated the ease with which operates across the board[citation needed].

From September of 2007 to July of 2008, AFF has experienced a registered archive membership boom of approximately 25,000, and, beginning in May, 2008.

However,'s coding is still known to be outdated. In early 2008, a complete rewrite of the entire program began. The coding is being rebuilt offline to minimize downtime. This "new" is likely to be revealed in early 2009. [citation needed].

Archive Funding

AdultFanFiction.Net, due to its copious bandwidth usage, is an expensive website to maintain. It sustains itself by hosting banners for websites that contain material relevant to the interests of's audience, owns a modest CafePress Shop, and accepts donations.

Archive Size and Traffic

FanLib, FanWorks.Org, FicWad, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net info from Compete.Com.
FanLib, FanWorks.Org, FicWad, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net info from Compete.Com.
FanLib, FanWorks.Org, FicWad, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net info from Compete.Com.
FanLib, FanWorks.Org, FicWad, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net info from Compete.Com.
FanLib, FanWorks.Org, FicWad, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net info from Compete.Com.
FanLib, FanWorks.Org, FicWad, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net info from Compete.Com.
Keyword search information for AdultFanFiction.Net for December 2007.
Story totals from random fandoms are from FanWorks.Org, FicWad, SkyHawke, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net, MediaMiner.Org, FanFiction.Net and FanLib as of June 13, 2007.

Since October 2007, the site and the forum has seen a huge increase of memberships and authors ranging from 2000 to 20000 new members and growing.



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