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Akuma Memento Mori is a fan fiction writer who joined FanFiction.Net in 2004.


General biography

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Below is a partial timeline of this person's involvement in fandom:




Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko/Aang

Batman-Comics Blood/Wayne Kal El/Wayne

The Dark Knight- Movie Joker/Wayne Dent/Wayne

Naruto Kakashi/Iruka Itachi/Iruka Neji/Iruka Naruto/Iruka Sasuke/Iruka Gaara/Iruka

Sasuke/Naruto Gaara/Naruto Neji/Naruto

Kakashi/Obito Itachi/Obito

Deidara/Sasori Itachi/Sasori

Sasuke/Kankuro Gaara/Kankuro Neji/Kankuro

Harry Potter Draco/Harry Cedric/Harry

Remus/Sirius Severus/Sirius James/Sirius TomRiddle/Sirius Harry/Sirius Draco/Sirius Regulus/Sirius

Soul Rescue Renji/Kaito


Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists the person belonged to at some point.


  • Where is Goodbye? [16]
  • Emerald Sparks [17]
  • Sorrowful Goodbye [18]
  • Angel's Goodbye [19]
  • Mulqueen's Memories [20]
  • Without End [21]
  • Never Right [22]
  • Salazar's Return [23]
  • By Your Grace, I Fall [24]
  • Desire [25]
  • Destructive Habits [26]
  • Costs of Living [27]
  • Legacy of Blood [28]


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