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'AnaKasha', though mostly known as Ana-chan, Kitten, or Jessie, was born in Cape Coral, FL on January 19th, 1989.


General biography

AnaKasha is a fan fiction writer who joined in 2003, writing mostly poems, rather than fanfiction. Though she doesnt write often now, she often roleplays on America Online, Yahoo Instant Messanger, Windows Live Messanger, Myspace, and several blogging sites. Rather than doing fanfiction, she is often seen using Photoshop 7.0 to make icons and other graphics with.


Below is a partial timeline of this person's involvement in fandom:



In Bleach: IchigoxOrihime, UryuxOrihime, UlquiorraxOrihime

In Final Fantasy VII: VincentxAerith, CloudxAerith

In Final Fantasy VIII: SquallxRinoa

In Final Fantasy X/X-2: TidusxYuna

In Fruits Basket: KyouxTohru

In Harry Potter: SeverusxLily

In Hellsing: AlucardxSeras, AlucardxIntegra

In InuYasha: InuYashaxKikyou, MirokuxSango

In Naruto: NarutoxHinata

In Pirates Of The Carribean: WillxElizabeth

In Pokemon: UmbreonxGlaceon

In The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya: KyouxMikuru

In Transformers: OptimusxMikaela(Movieverse), OptimusxElita1(G1), RatchetxArcee(Animated)

In Tsubasa: FaixSakura, FaixChii

In Twilight: JacobxBella

In Vampire Knight: KanamexRuka, ZeroxYuki

In X-Men: ColossusxShadowcat

In Yu-Gi-Oh: YamixYuugi, Dark Magician/MahaadoxDark Magician Girl/Mana


Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists the person belonged to at some point.


  • A Hanyou's Love [27]
  • A Cold Life [28]
  • Beloved [29]
  • Concealed Emotions [30]
  • Disliked Before Known [31]
  • Bishounen: King Yami [32]
  • Dark Angel [33]
  • First Kiss [34]
  • Great Love [35]
  • I Will Kill No More [36]
  • Halfbreed [37]
  • My Yami [38]
  • True Love [39]
  • Rose Petals [40]
  • Love And Peace [41]
  • Outlaws In Love [42]
  • Love For An Android [43]
  • Revenge: Chapter 1 - Target The Heart [44]


  • Icon Awards - [45]
  • Most Spazzy on GJ - [46]

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  • Icon Journal - [47]
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