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Andy Summers
Andy Summers on stage with The Police.
Origins Bournemouth
Genre New Wave
Pop music
Rock music
Jazz fusion
Years active 1959 - present
Associated acts The Police
The Animals
Zoot Money's Big Roll Band
Dantalian's Chariot
Soft Machine
Robert Fripp
Kevin Ayers
John Etheridge
Official website The Site of Andy Summers
Important fansites

Andy Summers (born Andrew James Somers) is an English guitarist, composer, and photographer. He is most known for his work with The Police.

The Artist

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Partial discography

Studio albums

With Eric Burdon & The Animals:

  • Love Is (The Animals album) (1968)

With Kevin Coyne:

  • Matching Head and Feet (1975)

With The Police:

  • Outlandos d'Amour (1978)
  • Reggatta de Blanc (1979)
  • Zenyatta Mondatta (1980)
  • Ghost in the Machine (1981)
  • Synchronicity (1983)

With Robert Fripp:

  • I Advance Masked (1982)
  • Bewitched (1984)

With John Etheridge:

  • Invisible Threads (1993)

With Victor Biglione:

  • Strings of Desire (1998)
  • Splendid Brasil (2005)

With Ben Verdery:

  • First You Build a Cloud (2007)


The Fandom

Andy Summers does not have an especially large or active fandom outside of The Police fan community. Some put this to the fact that he does not have a large web-based presence today except for his official site, which does not have a forum or other type of community board where fans can interact.


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Fandom members

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Fandom size

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