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The Canon

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Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

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Below is a partial list of events that took place in the Angel fan community.







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Fan Art


There is a long history of icon making on GreatestJournal, InsaneJournal and LiveJournal. There is also a history of AIM icon making that precedes the blogging history. There has been some kerfluffling in the community as people have different ownership concepts regarding icons. Some people treat icons with out text as bases. Others do not like that.

Below is a partial timeline of events regarding icon making in the Angel fandom.

Fan Fiction



As of May 28, 2007, there were 7,423 Angel stories on FanFiction.Net. [11] As of December 8, 2007, there were 7,618 Angel stories on FanFiction.Net. [12] As of February 16, 2008, there were 7,658 stories on FanFiction.Net. [13]


FanLib is not a big, important archive in the Angel fandom. As of February 21, 2008, only 122 stories were found on it. This is in part because some parts of media fandom had big issues with the site regarding its launch. The first Angel story was published on the site was She'll Always Be With You by blueanddollsome and was published on March 17, 2007. [14]

Beta Reading

By 2004, a number of X-Files fan fiction writers who were part of the “Yes Virginia” group of fan fiction authors had migrated to other fandoms. Some examples of this migration included Harry Potter with the author Parsons, Lord of the Rings with the author Sebasky, West Wing with the authors Sabine, Punk, and CazQ, Stargate with Suelac and Minnow, Farscape with the authors Suelac, Fialka, Sab and Pene, Sports Night with the authors Sabine and Punk, Smallville with the author Punk, and Buffy/Angel with the authors August/Unwinding, Minnow and Sebasky. As they migrated, they took their traditions of machete beta reading with them.


People were writing Angel drabbles prior to 2003. On February 23, 2003, the LiveJournal community angeldrabble was founded. [15] It was created for the posting of Angel related drabbles.


alien_altars was created on March 18, 2007 as a challenge community for femslash cliches. Some cliches include About to die, must have hot sex, Aliens made us do it, Amnesia, Aphrodisiacs/Sex pollen, Caught masturbating, Everyone thinks we're doing it, Forced marriage, Forced to share a bed/sleeping bag/tent, Fuzzy morning after or "do you remember what we did last night?", Genderswitch (one or both women is turned into a man), Huddling for warmth, Insomnia, Jealousy, Kid fic are just a few of the examples to chose from. Fandoms represented include Angel. [16]

Secret Santa

On November 11, 2004, the LiveJournal community 3_ships was founded. [17] It is a threesome secret santa community. Fandoms represented by this community include: Angel, Battlestar Galactica, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, DCU, Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter, House, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Pirates of the Carribean, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, X-Files.

The Internet


The community on GreatestJournal was founded mostly as a place to role play. By late 2007, because of management issues at GreatestJournal, parts of the community transitioned to other journaling services.

Below is a partial timeline of Angel related GreatestJournal community creation dates.


There is a sizable Angel community on LiveJournal. A large portion of this community migrated to LiveJournal from mailing lists in the period between 2001 and 2003.

Below is a partial timeline of Angel related LiveJournal community creation dates.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists played an early and important role in the Angel fandom, first as an extension of existing Buffy: The Vampire Slayer lists before having lists of their own.

Below is a partial timeline of mailing list creation dates for Angel related lists.

  • On March 22, 2001, the mailing list milliways-L was created for the posting of science fiction related fan fiction and discussion. Fandoms represented included this one. [41]


MySpace has a number of role playing groups on it. These groups tend to be private and have membership totals between five and 250.

Below is a partial timeline of Angel related MySpace group creation.

National Communities

Because of a variety of factors, the Angel fandom had a number of different national and linguistic communities that were created. Many of these communities were started early on by members of the Angel fandom who were bilingual and had access to the original English language version of the show or after the show was aired in countries besides English speaking ones.

See specific national histories for additional information:

Role Playing

The Angel community had a sizable role playing community. For a while, some of this community was centered around GreatestJournal but as the site faced issues in late 2007, early 2008, the role playing community that was there, left.

Below is a partial timeline of role playing related dates in the Angel community.

Fandom Size

Includes data on total stories posted to FanFiction.Net on December 28, 2006 and January 3, 2006, total of new stories added during those periods, number of LiveJournal communities and users with the fandom as an interest, number of news stories on Google, number of episodes on television in a two week period.

May 2007

As of May 28, 2007, there were 7,423 Angel stories on FanFiction.Net. [93]

December 2007

As of December 8, 2007, there were 7,618 Angel stories on FanFiction.Net. [94]

February 2008

As of February 16, 2008, there were 7,658 stories on FanFiction.Net. [95]

As of February 21, 2008, there were 650 fans on FanPop [96], 122 stories, 27 videos, 15 images and 2 screenplays on FanLib. [97] On that same date on LiveJournal, buffyfans had 344 members, [98] buffyfan had 1,366 members, [99] angel_fans had 649 members, [100] and btvs_angel had 215 members. [101]


See Angel fan fiction community size.

See Angel LiveJournal community size.

See Angel InsaneJournal community size.

Fandom members

See also Category:Angel fans.

External Links

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Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about this community.

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