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The Author

The author was involved in fandom as Lady Angel. A detailed history of her involvement in fandom can be found on that article.

The Canon

Short Stories

  • Cake Under the Mistletoe
  • Rock Us All Down
  • Tuition Fees: The Devil (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Collared Hearts (with Naomi Brooks)
  • For Love of Etarin (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Paying Forfeits (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Pushing the Boundaries of Reality
  • Raising the Dead
  • Eight Days Ablaze
  • Ain't No Easy Run
  • Color of Magic/Color of Money (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Crossroads (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Five Time Loser: The Five of Pentacles (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Miskatonic Mistletoe
  • Racing the Past
  • Frosted Hearts (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Síul a rûhn
  • Meanwhile, Back the Ranch
  • Eight Days Ablaze


  • Monsters, "Prey"
  • Naughty, "Drive"
  • Men in Uniform, "Imperial Entanglements"
  • Shifting Again, "Singing Up the Moon"
  • Eternal Darkness, "Hunger for the Edge" (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Taste-Test: Jingle Balls, "Blue Mistletoe"
  • Taste-Test: Chocolate and Power Tools, "Stolen Chocolate Tastes Sweetest"
  • Torqued Tales, "Outfoxed"
  • Toybox: Sappho's Chest, "Rewriting Old Songs"
  • Men in Uniform II, "Captain's Orders"
  • Taste-Test: Blue Collar, "Hot Load"
  • Twilight and Thorns, "S is for Succubus"
  • Shifting Back, "Serpents" (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Another Fine Mess, "Blood Rubies" (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Toybox: Piercing, "His Wicked Way" (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Toybox: Sounds, "Valentine Roses" (with Naomi Brooks)
  • Flipped Fables, "Sweet Persuasion"
  • A Dark Roasted Holiday, "One Gift at a Time"



Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

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Fan works policy and history

Sparrow's policy on fanworks is the standard one: "Please do not show it to me. For your protection and mine."


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.

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Influential fanworks by her fans

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Fandom Members

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Fandom Size

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