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Animethon is an anime convention.

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Genre anime
Location Alberta, Canada
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Yaoi kissing

In May 2009, the convention organizer, Hyokenseisou, announced that yaoi skits performed on stage could not include kissing because they were not PG. She explained about this issue on the message board for the convention saying:

So this was an issue last year. I'm going to be harsh/blunt/perhaps vaguely unprofessional about this responce to this issue:
In short, last year, there was an entry and they performed yaoi on stage and they did NOT have my approval. I have found a video of that on youtube a while ago, and people have been bashing me about me. There's rumors/statements saying that I approved such act. No I didn't.
Simply put, Cosplay is a PG event. Kissing IS PG, but not when it's done by two girls/boys. You may think differently, but then again, you're not the one dealing with angry parents after. If you wish to see couples of the same gender making out, go to Yaoicon. This is not what Animethon is about. I'm getting really annoyed with some people saying things like "oh well it should be ok, what's the big deal, why are you being so harsh?" etc etc.
No, it is not ok.
Yes, it is a big deal when you have to deal with people yelling at you for 'allowing' such a thing.
Yes, I'm going to be harsh because people don't follow or listen to the damn rules.
No, it is NOT allowed. Period.
This is NOT up for discussion. NO yaoi/yuri skits/performances are allowed in the Cosplay Contest. [1]

This offended some people because it was seen as anti-yaoi and homophobic. [2][3] When asked how it was not discriminatory, Hyokenseisou responded by saying:

It would be discriminatory against homosexuals if I didn't like them, but it's not that I don't (I actually have quite a quite homosexual friends), it's because of what happened last year. The two that performed such a thing WITHOUT permission, ruined it for the rest of the future homosexual performances.
Not to mention, there are people out there that are really uncomfortable with homosexual PDA, especially on stage. And on the note of hetrosexual acts, I don't expect and or will allow a couple to make out on stage either. If it is CLEARLY fake acting (ie hand in between or something), then that's fine (Same goes with homosexual acts)
I don't even see why people are at awe about this even after I said this IS NOT up for disscussion. There is to be NO yaoi/yuri performed on my stage. Again, you want to make out with someone of the same gender, fine, just do it on your own time not in front of hundreds of people who some are just not into that kind of stuff.
I will however, satisfy you people who seem to think this is discriminatory, and will only only pecks on the CHEEK, ONLY during performaces; of either homo/hetrosexual acts.
I'll admit, I have given my best girl friends little pecks on the cheek (but only them because they're my closest friends), so fine, you can so small pecks on the cheek to someone of the same gender for performances on stage.
But need I remind everyone, if you wish to see yaoi/yuri, go to yaoicon, that's what it's for. We are not the kind of con that promotes that kind of thing. [4]

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