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Screencap of The Anti-Twilight Movement website.
Screencap of the Twilight Sucks! website.
Screencap of the Husbands Against Twilight website.

Anti-Twilight is the movement or anti-fandom devoted to the book and movie series Twilight. It consists of communities, websites, and individuals dedicated to mocking and criticizing the series as well as its fans.

The reasons why individuals feel the need to devote considerable efforts against the series are numerous. According to theThe Anti-Twilight Movement website, they believe their efforts are important:

...Because it's indicative of a pattern in society to idealize unhealthy and abusive relationships. This book teaches our generation that abusive relationships are okay-- no, ROMANTIC, even. Not only is this book a moral threat to our youth, but an assault on literature itself. It's unoriginal, amateur, openly abusive, and dare I say it, sexist.[1]


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