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August Party is a Star Trek convention. It was held in the Washington D.C. area from 1975 to 1985.

August Party
Status defunct
Genre Star Trek
Location Virginia, Maryland
Sponsor (if applicable)
First held 1975



  • In later years, the convention moved to hotels in Maryland and Virginia. Average attendance figures ran 1000-1500.

Impact on fandom

August Party was notable for a number of "firsts" in the history of Star Trek conventions. One of the first filk concerts took place at an August Party, featuring noted filkers Leslie Fish, Roberta Rogow, TJ Burnside (Clapp) and many others.

The idea of a telecon may have originated at August Party, as Gene Roddenbury would annually hold a Q&A by telephone with the convention attendees.

The convention was also notable for making a point of not inviting any media/actor guests and keeping the event "fan-only". This allowed for unique programming as well as keeping membership costs down, and would become a model later used by various fanzine and slash conventions.


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