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Icerocket Trend Tracker: My Chemical Romance, Backstreet Boys, Fall Out Boy.
Size of fandom compared to other PopFic communities at the most popular multifandom fic archives. Numbers are from December 12, 2006.
Icerocket Blog Trends: Backstreet Boys, Fall Out Boy, Mest.
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Icerocket Blog Trends: Fall Out Boy, Mest, Backstreet Boys.



The early Backstreet Boys community was found at various personal web sites, on mailing lists and centered around FanFiction.Net.



  • Sometime around June of 2000, the site Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit! was created by Siubhan and Joan the English Chick. The site, last updated in January of 2001, introduced or helped further the concept of badfic into a number of additional fan fiction communities, including this one. Unlike some badfic websites or sites which just pointed out badfic, as in of accidental inferior quality, the site had deliberate badfic and explanations as to what was not right with the story, what made the story bad.





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The pairings displayed in fanfic about the band has grown with its fan base. Many early stories paired a member of the group (usually youngest member Nick Carter) with an OFC. As the fan base grew up, and fans discovered slash, the members were paired up with each other, which at first was mostly Brian Littrell/Nick Carter due to their close friendship, nowadays the main pairing is Kevin Richardson/Nick Carter, even after Kevin's departure from the band. However, any one of the members can be, and have been, paired up with any other member, and "crossover" pairings with members of NSync are equally common.

Fandom members

Fandom Size

On April 8, 2007, there were 46 Backstreet Boys stories posted on Quizilla, 91 stories posted to FanDomination.Net, 8 stories on FanWorks.Org and 2 stories posted on FicWad. As of August 20, 2007, the backstreetslash LJ community had 59 members, and bsbslash had 134. However, the majority of the active members in both groups have migrated to the smaller, invite only Backstreet Boys/NSync group sync_the_street

As of December 8, 2007, there were 48 Backstreet Boys stories posted on Quizilla [6].


  • Yearwood, E. (2002, March 3). Pop artists star in fans' online fiction. Times Colonist (Victoria), p. B11.

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