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1985, 1989, 1990. Bing, bang, boom. The first, second and third Back_to_the_Future movies were released. By 1991, this Fandom was present in the zine community. One zine released in May of this year was Outatime, a Back_to_the_Future/Quantum Leap crossover novel, was published Alvyren Press. The novel was written by J. Robert Holmes, Mary Jean Holmes. Another zine released by this community came out in 1993. It was 88 Miles Per Hour.

Online, the fandom community continues to produce works more than twenty years following the first film's release, albeit at a much slower pace than larger or more recent fandoms. Online writers include: Mary Jean Holmes, Kristen Sheley, Flaming Trails, Tekva, and Anakin McFly.

In 2003, DrWorm posted the first piece of Back to the Future slash, which was quite ill-received by the majority of the fandom. Other writers focusing on slash have since come forward, most notably Nightspore and Kleenexwoman.

The Canon

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Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

Twin Pines (TP) Timeline is a term usually used to describe the timeline seen at the beginning of the first movie, before any time travelling ever takes place. This is based from the mall's name, Twin Pines Mall.

Lone Pine (LP) Timeline is a term usually used to describe the altered timeline seen at the end of the first movie, where Marty's family is more successful. Because Marty knocked over one of Farmer Peabody's pine trees in 1955, the mall's name has been changed to Lone Pine Mall.

Hell Valley and 1985A are terms generally used to describe the timeline seen in Part II, where Biff is rich (as a result of using a futuristic sports almanac). Hell Valley comes from the vandalized sign seen in the Courthouse Square scene, while 1985A comes from the chalk diagram that Doc used to show Marty how the timeline has skewed.

Eastwood (E) Timeline is a term usually used to describe the final timeline seen at the end of the trilogy, after Marty returns to 1985. Throughout much of the trilogy, the ravine was called Clayton Ravine. Because Doc manages to rescue Clara Clayton (the schoolteacher that the named after) back in 1885, the ravine's name was changed to Eastwood Ravine. This was presumably named after "Clint Eastwood", which was the alias Marty used back in 1885. The most common speculation is that "Clint Eastwood" was thought to have fallen into the ravine, even though speculations of the exact circumstances surrounding the event can vary.

Fan works policy and history

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Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.


  • On July 3, Back to the Future was released.


  • On November 22, Back to the Future Part II was released.


  • On May 25, Back to the Future Part III was released.


  • On May 2. Back to the Future: The Ride opened at Universal Studios Florida. This is generally not considered a part of the Back to the Future canon.
  • On September 21, Back to the Future: The Animated Series made its premiere on CBS. While many fanfic writers borrow certain information from this series (most notably, the middle names of Doc and Marty), Doc's young sons, Jules and Verne who appeared at the end of the third film were major characters on the show, this is also generally not considered a part of the Back to the Future canon.




The two popular slash pairings, George/Marty and Doc/Marty, have been met with disgust from a sizable portion of the mainstream fandom community. Some are squicked by the former, because of the incestuous nature of the relationship. Some also show distaste for the latter, because they believe it's a relationship that borders on pedophilia. Defenders of the George/Marty pairing often point out that the haters should go fuck themselves. Defenders of the Doc/Marty pairing will point out that Marty is seventeen, which is the legal age of consent in California, where the movies take place, and therefore cannot be considered pedophilia (and is, in fact, only borderline ephebophiliac). In spite of the differences between the two being almost imperceptible, fans of Doc/Marty Smarm fics tend to be the biggest critics of Doc/Marty slash.

In late 2004, the discussion over slash on the now-defunct fanfiction forum became so heated that the moderators of the boards banned most of the proponents of slash from the website and thereafter deleted all posts that had anything to do with homosexuality. This has not prevented slashers and anti-slashers from engaging in vigorous passive-aggressive debate and equally vigorous counter-analysis on other websites.

Relevant quotes: "Slash writers should be forced to clean toilets in Biff's pleasure palace for all eternity." --attributed to Hot_for_Doc on the forums

Influential Works


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Fandom Members

The Big Enchiladettes

Kristen Sheley

Mary Jean Holmes

Pixel-Stained Technopeons

Aaron Jenkins

Anakin McFly

Ael L. Bolt

Blind Spot


Charles A Murphy


Eternal Density


Flaming Trails

Han Solo

Jennifer Dawson

Mike Mahoney

Mike Nichols




Wild Gunman

Heads of Biff's Pleasure Palace's Toilet Cleaners For All Eternity





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Fandom Size

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