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BASCon (Bay Area Slash Convention) is a non-profit organization for fans who enjoy the diversity of relationships in TV shows, movies, books, or other media. Although the primary focus is slash, it is also gen and het-friendly. The convention is held yearly the first weekend after Halloween and typically has 100-120 attendees. Features at the convention include discussion panels, dealers room, art show, video show, and a Sunday morning breakfast and raffle.


  • The first BASCon was held November 2-4, 2001 at the DoubleTree Hotel in South San Francisco, California. This was the weekend immediately following the first Constrict convention. Both conventions took place to fill the gap left by Friscon, which had held their last convention in 2000, and there was some controversy between the organizers of both conventions due to their scheduling so close to each other. Constrict changed the next year to a July date in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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