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Brother Sister Incest are stories featuring a brother and sister engaging in sexual relationship.


Historical Definitions

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People like to write Bleach incest fan fiction featuring a brother and sister. Some of this is published on FanFiction.Net. [1]

Chronicles of Narnia

People write enough brother sister incest stories for this fan community that people need to put warnings up when they don't want to see this material. [2]

Marmalade Boy

The incest in Marmalade Boy is canonical. People write fan fiction about it.


Twilight fandom has some incest stories based around the Cullens sleeping with each other. [3]

Wizards of Waverly Place

Wizards of Waverly Place fandom is mainly focused on the pairing of Justin/Alex (Jalex). Also found is Max/Alex, but it isn't as popular as Jalex is.

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