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CSI is a television based fandom with several large groups of fans based surrounding actors, ships and characters.


Below is a partial list of CSI fandom specific terminology.


Below is a partial list of events for the CSI fandom.



  • As season 7 started, division continued in the fandom over the Grissom/Sara relationship. Producers for the show had said that fans seemed to be evenly split in their view of the pairing with half supporting and half not. This split was manifested on the official CSI message board and the CSI LiveJournal community.
  • The CSI Wikia was created at http://csi.wikia.com but the initial founder made no edits; intermittent edits for the next two years fleshed out basic pages


  • During January and February 2007, many CSI fan fiction writers wrote stories dealing with Gil Grissom's sabbatical.
  • During April 2007, a number of fan fiction authors posted spoiler warnings for their stories regarding episodes that had not aired. In putting other warnings on their fiction, they also gave away what those supposed spoilers were. [7] This in turn frustrated people who were doing spoiler free because "Hello? There she is! A spoiler!" Much head desking was done.
  • On April 24, 2007, bluebeyonder, a Grissom/Sara shipper and bestkeptprivate founder, passed away as a result of meningitis acquired after back surgery.
  • During July and August, the MySpace CSI fandom continued to discuss Living Doll and what they wanted in the new season. A lot of this included Sara Sidle loving and Sara Sidle bashing. Both sides were very vocal in their positions. This same community, while actively discussion CSI tended to avoid all references to fan fiction.
  • In early August the Grissom/Sara fandom located on the GoogleGroup GRISSOMSARATALK continued to hold discussing Jorja Fox's sexuality as off topic because Jorja Fox has not come out of the closet. To that extent, this meant that lesbian members of the group were not encouraged to discuss her in that manner, nor acknowledge that lesbian fans are one of the reasons why Sara Sidle is such a popular character on the show. At the same time, it was deemed acceptable to discuss the heterosexual female fans of William Peterson because William Petersen is out regarding is heterosexuality.
Keyword search information for CSI for December 2007.
  • In August, due to a rumor that Yahoo!Groups was removing users who were lurking on mailing lists in this fandom, a number of mailing lists saw an increase in participation so that would not happen. While this rumor was not true, and Yahoo was only removing people who had e-mail accounts bouncing in excess of six months, it did not stop a certain level of hysteria.
  • On September 27, 2007, the eighth season of CSI premièred with the episode Dead Doll. Parts of the CSI fandom on google groups, Yahoo!Groups and LiveJournal posted excited messages about this.
Blogpulse data from December 30, 2007 showing blog references for the previous two months for CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, and CSI.


  • On January 10, 2008, the last episode taped before the Writers Strike started aired. [10]
  • Starting on April 15, 2008, the CSI fandom started reacting to the news that Gary Dourdan was leaving the show. [11][12][13]
  • In June 2008, ScienceGeek, a member of the CSI and Stargate fandoms, passed away after a long battle with cancer. [14]
  • In late August 2008, CBS began running a trailer for the season première which is scheduled to air on October 9, 2008.
  • In late August 2008, early September 2008, extensive spoilers for the première began to circulate on the Internet. [15][16]
  • In September 2008, it was discovered that a number of photomanipulations, images and icons were posted on FanPop in the CSI spot with out proper crediting of images. [17]
  • In October 2008, a few on-line blogs and news articles killed the rumor that Sara Sidle was secretly pregnant and that was the reason that Gil Grissom would be leaving Las Vegas. The rumor was based on the shirt that Jorja Fox was wearing in the episode and because viewers though she looked pregnant.
  • On October 22, 2008, Fan History Wiki saw a spike in people visiting Fan History after having used keywords related Jorja Fox being pregnant.




This kerfluffle involved unhappy Gil/Catherine shippers who were unhappy, based on spoilers, that their ship was not getting the airtime it deserved. They contacted TPTB about people affiliated with the show leaking spoilers in retaliation. Some of this retalation was aimed directly at Grissom/Sara shippers who were getting really good spoilers from posters like mystery on YourTaxDollarsAtWork.


Charity Work

The CSI fandom has groups of fans who have done a great deal of charity work. This charity work is frequently organized around a specific CSI fan group for the benefit of a charity related to CSI, CBS or an actor. Charity work is also done for charities affiliated with specific fans.

The LiveJournal community geekfiction has completed several charity related fund raisers. One was done in April 2007. By April 2 , 2007, geekfiction members have raised $15,000 for Bet Tzedek Legal Services. [21]

Fan Advocacy

Fans of the show have engaged in a number of advocacy projects in order to try to help the show, lobby for certain things to be done in fandom, or to help actors on the show.

During the writers strike, members of YourTaxDollarsAtWork and other CSI fansites sent the "moguls" boxes and boxes of pencils in support of the writers. They were also in contact with David Rambo and shared with him their plans to support the writers.


The CSI fandom was represented at Eclecticon 2004 with a panel dedicated to it.

Fan Fiction

The CSI fandom has a large and thriving fan fiction community. One of the largest archives of CSI fan fiction can be found on FanFiction.Net.


There is not much ActorFic in the CSI fandom, helped by the idea that certain things, like discussion of an actor's orientation and prying too deeply into the personal lives of the actors involved with the show, are considered taboo. Despite that, the occasional pieces will still surface here and there. During January 2007, several pieces of George Eads/Jorja Fox CSI ActorFic were posted on LiveJournal.


CSI Forensics

The CSI fan fiction archive, CSI Forensics opened on August 16, 2004.

Sara/Catherine fan fiction is found on the CSI fan fiction archive, CSI Forensics. This archive houses only CSI fan fiction. The Sara/Catherine category has 12 stories. [22] The oldest story dates to August 2004.

CSI Slash archive

During the first two weeks of September 2007, the CSI Slash archive was updated to include "6 Gil/Greg stories, 4 Gil/Nick stories, 3 gen stories, 1 Greg/Warrick, 1 Nick/Bobby,1 Nick/Warrick and 1 Nick/Greg." [23]


FanFiction.Net was founded on October 15, 1998, almost two full years before the first episode of CSI aired. [24] When the show started, FanFiction.Net quickly became a central archive for people to find works they wanted.

On September 12, 2001, The Senior Stalker Case by capercailiechild became the first CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [25][26]

On November 21, 2002, Abschied by Hope Calaris became the first German language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [27][28]

On March 29, 2003, Así son las cosas by NarRYa became the first Spanish language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [29][30]

On June 21, 2003, It is enough to one nothing by LeslieSidle became the first French language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [31][32]

On July 9, 2003, Al risverglio da un incubo by GeNesiS5 became the first Italian language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [33] [34]

On July 24, 2004, Tales from CSI by DoveWhite became the first Russian language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [35][36]

On February 12, 2005, Grissom in ruil voor Sidle by CSILasVegas became the first Dutch language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [37][38]

On July 3, 2005, Keserédes munkaszünet by kicsibogar became the first Hungarian language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [39][40]

On September 12, 2005, Big Apple lovers by Ju-Brazil became the first Portuguese language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [41][42]

On March 16, 2007, Seven by VirginiaTin became the first Polish language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [43][44]

On February 7, 2008, Behind the Scene cz by MacS2007 became the first Czech language CSI story published on FanFiction.Net. [45][46]


FanLib launched for an official beta run in March 2007. A number of influential CSI Grissom/Sara authors posted there. These include just_thinking, emily_divine, losingintranslation and smacky30. They would later be joined by authors like Jenbachand who went on to become a FanLib blogger. By the end of 2007, these authors had abandoned the site and a different type of CSI fandom member was posting to FanLib, one not as connected with the Grissom/Sara community, FanFiction.Net and LiveJournal. The exist of the original CSI authors and the entrance of the new authors meant that new posting volume to FanLib really leveled off. References to the site on CSI related forums all but dried up, with no new reference since December 2007 on YourTaxDollarsAtWork.

The first CSI story posted to the FanLib was Suddenly Tragic by teliko.x3, published on March 17, 2007. [47]

.moon - the living fandom

The domain for .moon - the living fandom was registered on April 4, 2006. [48] This archive would eventually house fan fiction from this fandom.

Passion and Perfection

There are several archives which contain Sara/Catherine fan fiction. One of the largest is Passion and Perfection: CSI. This archive contains numerous stories from numerous saffic fandoms. CSI stories are located in their own section here. Most of the stories are Sara/Catherine but other pairings are represented.


Much of the CSI femslash communities has its roots in the wider femslash community, less of its roots in the CSI fandom. For that reason, there is often a disconnect between the two communities, with out a large overlap in membership.

Ficathons, Challenges and Prompts

Ficathons, challenges and prompts have a long tradition in the CSI fandom. Many ficathons are centered around LiveJournal with challenges and prompts happening on message boards and shipping centric fansites.

Below is a partial timeline of events related to these activities.

On Blogging Services


Below is a partial timeline of InsaneJournal related CSI fan fiction events that are not pairing specific.


Below is a partial timeline of LiveJournal related CSI fan fiction events that are not pairing specific.

Original CSIs

By September 2003, fen of the show were creating their own CSIs. One example from this period was "CSI: Detroit." There were original stories, with original characters set in the CSI canon universe. By that same month, the phrase Whumping, meaning Hurt/Comfort fan fiction with origins in the Stargate SG-1 fandom, had migrated to the CSI community and people were writing CSI: Miami fan fiction.


In May 2006, the CSI community dealt with some issues pertaining to a plagiarism problem in the community. [67]

In late June 2007, it gets discovered that TraceZBullet is posting other people's CSI stories, mostly Grissom/Sara fics, as her own on FanFiction.Net. [68] In late July 2007, CSI Grissom/Sara writers discover that TraceZBullet is still plagiarizing stories on FanFiction.Net. They note that TraceZBullet admitted to one of them that they would not have plagiarized the author if she had known how well known the author was. TraceZBullet admitted to continuing to plagiarize lesser known authors and saw no problems with it.


The CSI fan fiction has parts of the community that love slash and other parts that are extremely slash intolerant. By and large, most of the anti-slash activity takes places in places other than LiveJournal. This attitude has been with the fandom since its onset.

The anti-slash vibe continued in the CSI fandom in 2007, with at least one person burying almost every piece of CSI fan fiction listed on FanWorksFinder.

The Internet

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists have traditionally played an important role in the CSI fandom. They provide gathering places, are places for fan based activism, are places for finding fan fiction, for expressing love of favorite actors or for squeeing over your favorite ship.

Below is a partial timeline of mailing list creation dates in the CSI fandom.

Message Boards

There are a number of important message boards in the CSI fandom. They include YourTaxDollars at work and a few others.

Below is a partial timeline of message board related events in the CSI fandom.


LiveJournal has provided a home to a number of CSI fans who want to post fan fiction, share fan art, express their love of certain actors, for icon making and for getting to know their fellow fans on a different level. Much of the activity on LiveJournal is not done in isolation but is integrated with other fandoms on LiveJournal or is part of fanac that extends off LiveJournal.

Below is a partial timeline of LiveJournal community creation dates in the CSI fandom.








National Communities

CSI appears on television on countries around the globe. Because of this, several national communities have developed to deal with things like delays in the release of canon, finding local fans and language issues.

See specific pages for additional information:

Role Playing

There is an active CSI role playing community.

Below is a partial timeline of role playing related dates.


For ship specific histories, see the page about the ship:

Ships featuring Warrick Brown

Ships featuring Sofia Curtis

Ships featuring Gil Grissom

Ships featuring Greg Sanders

Ships featuring Sara Sidle

Ships featuring Nick Stokes

Ships featuring Catherine Willows

Ships featuring Jim Brass


Femslash's popularity in the CSI fandom comes in waves for different ships. The first wave was Catherine/Sara. When CSI: Miami premiered, pairing Calleigh with Sara Sidle and Catherine Willows became popular. There was then a third wave of Sara/Sofia stories.


The most popular het pairing is Grissom/Sara. The two next most popular het pairings are Catherine/Warrick and Sara/Nick.


One of the most popular slash pairings in the CSI fandom is Nick/Greg.

Fandom Size

Story totals from random fandoms are from FanWorks.Org, FicWad, SkyHawke, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net, MediaMiner.Org, FanFiction.Net and FanLib as of June 13, 2007.

October 2006

There are 13,506 stories on FanFiction.Net, [142] 27 on FanDomination.Net, 6 stories on FanWorks.Org, 16 on FicWad as of October 10, 2006.

November 2006

There are 14,022 stories on FanFiction.Net and 28 stories on Mightier Than the Sword as of November 21, 2006. [143] The fandom had added, on FanFiction.Net, approximaly 6,000 stories since July 2005. [144]

May 2007

As of May 23, 2007, there were 151 CSI stories on FanLib. [145] As of December 7, 2007, there were 250 CSI stories on FanLib. [146]

As of May 27, 2007, there is 1 story on The Zone~. [147]

As of May 29, 2007, there are 992 stories on CSI Slash [148]

December 2007

As of December 25, 2007, csi_lv_slash on InsaneJournal had 29 members [149] and csi_triads on InsaneJournal had 9 members. [150]

External links

  • CSI Slash is one of the slash archives for CSI fan fiction. Is also one of the main general CSI slash archives, after WWOMB.
  • CSI: FanFiction.Net
  • CSI: FanDomination.Net
  • CSI: FicWad

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