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Caito is a member of the fan community and has been involved in fandom since at least 2007.

General biography

sidewinder: still not caito.[1]

Caito is from Japan. She is alleged to have sock puppeted such people as Sidewinder and Random. She is not.

After moving to Japan, caito made a series of vlog posts to youtube. Several of these videos were then uploaded to the Japanese site nico video by another user. There she is known as "that Umaibo girl" because of her most popular video, which has gotten over 120,000 views and 12,000 comments.


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Caito likes mostly pirate ships and battle ships, but she's always had a liking of blimps and zeppelins as well. "Oh, the humanity!" and all that jazz.

Her favorite ship of all time is the USS Monitor, a Civil War ironclad.


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