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This is a BandFic fandom. Its existence as a documented community begins in June 2003 when the first Canadian Idol-related slash story was posted. Material for this fandom can be found several places on the Internet including FanDomination.Net, but is specifically located at Livejournal's ci_slash. [1] While it is generally accepted that there is not an off-line convention related to this community, many of the members have travelled together to various Canadian Idol events.





  • "It is what it is, dude." is what it is, dudes.
  • "Dance Party!" phrase with its origin in a season two group performance medley, has become a fandom catchphrase signifying good times
  • Dance 4 Love song title from a backstage exclusive on the CTV website, has also become a fandom catchphrase signifying good times


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.



  • Early 2004: Canadian Idol added as category to
  • Spring/Summer 2004: There was a massive influx of new members to ci_slash, Canadian Idol community due to Season Two's popularity.
  • August/September 2004: first ci_slash summer exchange.
  • Autumn 2004: Creation of two MSN Groups for CI fiction, no affiliation with ci_slash.
  • August 15, 2004: Record for most stories posted in one day at ci_slash.


  • May 2005: After months of stories lingering in the Misc. Musicians section, Canadian Idol added as category to FanDomination.Net.




The Canadian Idol fiction community has gone through similar arguments experienced by other fandoms (author/character bashing, the definition of constructive critiscm, flaming, etc). ci_slash has adopted the "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all" strategy, and involved members of kerfluffles have mostly appeared to leave arguments behind.

Influential Stories

The Canadian Idol LiveJournal community, ci_slash, does not allow for linking to stories without express permission from both the author and the community moderators.[5]

Fandom Members

This section needs more information.

Fandom Size

January 2007

The size of the fandom as of January 11 2007, according to LJ's ci_slash,is 140, but it is estimated that the core of that fandom is approximately 30 people or less.

July 2008

As of July 11, 2008, there are 80 fans on FanPop. [6]

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