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Centoloman is a fan fiction writer who joined FanFiction.net in 2006.


General biography

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Below is a partial timeline of this person's involvement in fandom:



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Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists the person belonged to at some point.


  • Crnica de la ltima Batalla [22]
  • Recuerdos de una vida pasada [23]
  • Experimentos con palabras [24]
  • Hombres de Oro [25]
  • In the beginning [26]
  • Levntate y sal de tu tierra [27]
  • El Gran Reto [28]
  • Para ellos dos [29]
  • Los diarios de Urahara [30]
  • Memorias [31]
  • Los lmites de lo real [32]
  • Palabras para Julia [33]
  • Las Crnicas de Rido [34]
  • Demon Inside [35]
  • In Eremos [36]
  • Historia del ltimo da [37]
  • Crnicas Extraas [38]
  • In the name of the father [39]
  • Akano: The Chronicles [40]


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