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Wrigley Field Fans

Picture of an older Chicago Cubs fan from the May 2008 series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In 1983, Lee Elia engaged in an expletive-filled tirade aimed at fans in the stands. [1]

On April 18, 2008, the Chicago Tribune ran an article with quotes from Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman that mentioned Chicago Cubs fans, saying:

Cubs manager Lou Piniella may have been amused by all those balls flying back on to the field Wednesday after Adam Dunn's homer, but Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman certainly wasn't.
On the broadcast that night, the Hall of Famer torched Cubs fans.
"This is the kind of thing, quite honestly, right now, that makes you want to see this Chicago Cubs team lose," he said. "Far and away the most obnoxious fans in baseball in this league are those who follow this team right here. Throwing 15 or 18 balls onto the field, there's absolutely no excuse for that, and that is so typical of Chicago Cub fans. It's unbelievable."[2]

On May 1, 2008, ultimate Chicago Cubs fan Ron Santo explained in the Chicago Tribune why Wrigley Field was the best stadium in baseball:

But I've got to believe that when you look at Wrigley, you're also talking about Wrigleyville. It's all about leaving the ballpark after the game and going to the bars and restaurants. It's one big happy family here, with nothing but parties. It's a wonderful place, and absolutely the best ballpark in baseball. [3]

Chicago fans compared to New York Fans

Jay Mariotti wrote a column for the Chicago Sun Times on April 22, 2008 that referenced the mindset of Chicago fans compared to those in New York City, saying:

The first thing you should know: This means a hell of a lot more to you than it does to them. New Yorkers couldn't give a subway token whether the Mets and Yankees are playing in Chicago, California or Mongolia this week, applying the rule that all points west of the Hudson River are the hinterlands. It might have something to do with winning a collective 28 World Series in the time it has taken this city to win, um, one.
Or, it simply might have to do with their arrogance, their parochialism and Chicago's well-established inferiority complex, still going strong as it invades a new generation made to feel Midwestern and irrelevant by both coasts.
Whatever, if both New York teams must converge on our fair city, plotting to take our women and knock the Cubs and White Sox from rare simultaneous perches atop the division standings, then Carlos Zambrano would be the great equalizer. [4]

Ronnie Woo Woo

Ronnie Woo Woo is a mainstay at Wrigley Field. He is a Chicago Cubs super fan.

On January 8, 2009, a blogger wrote about a run in with Ronnie Woo Woo at the Tribune Tower. [5]

Cubs fans being idiots

In September 2008, "Cubs fan Rafael Rosario, 26, learned the hard way this weekend that you can't pretend to be a Federal agent. It all started when Rosario was denied beer by a vendor at Cinicinnati's Great American Ballpark during Saturday's Cubs-Reds game." [6]

In October 2008, Scot Moore, a Chicago Cubs fan, put his baseball loyalties on sale on ebay because he could not bear to be a fan of the team for another season. The auction was quickly removed from ebay but not before it had a bid of $445. [7]

On October 7, 2008, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart ran a piece on undecided voters and in it, took pot shots at Chicago Cubs fans. [8] This was picked up by several Chicago, Illinois area blogs and newspapers including the Chicagoist. [9]

100 Years

Joe Posnanski wrote a column for Sports Illustrated in August 2008 about how the Chicago Cubs are not that lovable for many people in the midwest and how they may be the team for baseball fans to cheer for or against in the 2008 post-season. [10]

Milton Bradley

In august 2009, Milton Bradley accused the bleacher bums of being racists. [11][12]

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  • "Fandom's Throngs See Tribune's Return on Cubs' Victory Over Giants." Chicago Daily Tribune 28 Aug. 1908.
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