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Chlark vs. Clois is a major shipping war in Smallville fandom. It has been ongoing for some time between fans of the Clark/Chloe and Clark/Lois pairings. It has at times reached extreme proportions including insults against the actors playing Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan, and accusations of hacking.

Lois Lane has been known to be referred to as "TitsMcBoobs", "Botox Bimbo", and "BossBangerville", while Chloe Sullivan has been called the "Core Whore"[1] or Mary Suellivan[2].

Screencap of a rant by tobywolf13 posted on September 27, 2009 against Lois Lane and actor Erica Durance.



There has long been division in Smallville fandom between supporters of Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane, particularly in regards to who should end up romantically paired with Clark Kent. Related to but not synonymous with the Clark/Chloe pairing is the Chlois Theory that Chloe would eventually "become" iconic Lois Lane of the Superman universe. The theory is popular with many Chlarkers, Chloe fans, or other viewers, despite the introduction of Erica Durance in Season 4 as Lois Lane. The theory still continues to have supporters and followers up through the later seasons of the show.


definition of chlu chlux fans: chloefans/chlarkers that hate and bash other smallville characters/Actors publically.
NOT all chloefans and chlarkers are chlu chlux fans.

This lead to wank and kerfluffling between Chloe and Lois fans in the comments of the post[5] until it was locked down.

  • On August 31, 2009, shelly505 posted in her Livejournal a rant directed at Chlarkers who she believe had sneaked into a Cloiser chat room and sent them a virus.[6] In the comments of the rant, she admits that no one's computers were harmed, and does not produce links for proof when asked. Shelly stated that webmaster Craig Byrne stated he saw Chlarkers talking about it on Livejournal, a claim Craig himself refuted. [7]. Of note is the fact that the Cloiser chat in question required no login, and was advertised and linked to publicly on Twitter. [8]
  • In the Fall of 2009, some Chlark supporters were upset by spoilers suggesting that Season 9 would begin to develop more of a Clark/Lois storyline. Supporters of both ships argued and commented on forums such as[9] and Twitter about which pairing should be promoted.
  • On September 23, things began to heat-up as Starkville's House of El Podcast posted an advance review of "Savior", the 9th Season premiere episode.[10] Most notably the review stated:
This isn’t Smallville anymore. It’s Superman.

The spoilers did not sit well with Chloe and Chlark fans and the quote began to get retweeted around, but only as:

This isn't Smallville anymore.[11]

The podcasters were not happy with the way they were being only partly-quoted and Tweeted themselves in response. The review reads: "This isn't Smallville anymore. It's Superman." Thanks to those trying to label us as nothing more than "fanboys".[12]

@tobywolf13 You are totally cracking me up with what a fucking loser you are. Thanks for the laughs and the entertainment, you moron....

The September 25 podcast was allegedly edited after the complaints made to TPTB on Twitter[25] However, apparently the podcast is usually released in two forms, edited and unedited, and no changes were made as a result of the complaints.[26]

  • The same day, a new Twitter was created, Chlarkjustice, allegedly containing death threats against Chlark fans.[[28] The account was eventually suspended.
  • On September 29, 2009, Chloe and Clark came in fifth place in a users poll of TV Couples who should hook up. [29] Lois fans left comments about how Chlarkers had cheated on the poll.
  • On October 22, 2009, nyonyo, a Chlark supporter, made a post about shelly505 and her apparently stalking her and copying of nyonyo's Chlark art, but turning it into Clois art.[30] shelley505 had been involved in the kerfluffle in April 2009 over comparing Chlark fans to the KKK, and again by stating her belief that Chlark fans spread viruses. shelley505 then deleted her LiveJournal and Twitter accounts.[31],[32] Clois fans deduced that she had been run off and harassed, and continued to believe that Chlarkers had sent viruses and tried to get someone fired. (See October 23, below) [33][34] Shelly resurfaced later as inklane, and nyonyo made another post on January 31, 2010, with her opinion that shelly continued to copy her work.[35].
  • On October 23, 2009, duskwillow posted that some Smallville fans had endeavored to use Twitter to tell Suzanne Gomez, Susan Kesser and LilMissX about pattylaurie--a poster at the IMDB who occasionally posted spoilers about Smallville and appeared to have some connection on the set to Erica Durance. The matter got to Suzanne Gomez's attention and they began to try to find out who pattylaurie really was. This angered duskwillow who felt that this was a vicious way to use shipping wars and a hatred of Erica Durance to "try to get someone fired from their job."[36],[37] The people doing the reporting on Twitter were Chlark supporters tobywolf13, kissme_myfool and nzs23. As Chlarkers, they were under no obligation to "cover" for pattielaurie, and when Suzanne Gomez requested[38], they tweeted links to pattielaurie's posts.

It should be noted, however, that pattielaurie denied working for the show in the first place,[39] so could not in fact be fired. Also, there is no proof of any Chlarker stating their attempt to "get someone fired."

Someone then tweeted Suzanne Gomez a link to tobywolf13's unrelated LiveJournal rant against Erica/Lois, and the post was quickly locked down.[40] Tobywolf13 also closed down her Twitter account, but the following comments were saved on wank_report, regarding her reporting of pattylaurie and trying to reveal who she was:[41]

Srsly, should I just read IMDB instead of watching #Smallville, pattylaurie tells me everything I need to know (
@Chico6 - Beyond IMDB account, I know she's been emailing Divine Intervention, the Clois board, directly. One of their mods might know more. ( @Chico6 is associated with the show - I believe she's a publicist.
PattieLaurie dared to breach confidentiality agreements, got caught, and Legal is pissed. Deal with it. #Smallville (
others know what PL does, but would get sued or fined if they blab w/o permission. She is not above reproach just cos she is an ED fangurl. (
#Smallville If she had character she would (1) say who she is and what her relation is to the show (2) stand by what she said and not hide. (
#smallville - I stick my foot in my mouth all the time. I make mistakes because I assume people are generally good, but... (
#smallville - ... I do take responsibility for my actions or try to. What a loser! (

The wank then began to spill over onto wank_report itself, with anonymous commenters saying they were only Tweeting about what was going on, and that the Clois supporters were the "batshit crazy" ones.[42],[43],[44] On the Smallville messageboard at the IMDB, threatening remarks were made against those who had "snitched" on pattylaurie.[45] Hate threads were also allegedly appearing on the Kryptonsite messageboard and being deleted by the moderator there, Craig Byrne.[46]

  • On October 24, 2009, it was reported that the entire matter had been brought to Alison Mack's attention via her blog.[47] Some speculated that pattylaurie was in fact Erica Durance herself, or her husand.[48],[49]
  • On October 26, 2009, pattylaurie posted on IMDB once more. The post was deleted by a moderator but according to a copy posted on wank_report, it read[50]:
by pattylaurie (Mon Oct 26 2009 12:05:32)
Dear All,
Bear with me everyone as I know this is not the proper forum for airing personal responses to certain allegations directed at me but in light of the situation, please allow me 2 minutes before I disappear into the mist!
I want to war against these fabrications perpetrated by a few misguided individuals on twitter who obviously see themselves as the vanguards of hope in this world of insipid fandoms. Tobywolf had the impudence to report me for sharing information to fans, under the guise she's supposedly serving a greater good?!! BS!!! This self serving parasite is only motivated by hate for ED and is using this situation to attack me for defending ED against her vicious attacks about the show and specifically ED, who she believes is responsible for the demise of Smallville!
Lets clarify a few misnomers in the event my time is running out! These allegations have no merit, or foundation of truth, legal or otherwise! Why? Because I've NEVER mentioned any info to anyone unless it was already released by another party on another site, official or not! Any in depth study or comparative research will prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Any information was always qualified by "likely" or "rumour has it" and I have not been responsible for listing one piece of "spoiler" information on any other site, other than IMDB, unless they were ONLY responses about already released rumours/spoilers, directed to my "personal message" box. I am very well aware of the sensitivity at issue here concerning the untimely release of spoilers and the damage they can do to the efforts of a production.
My fault lies only in the fact that 95% of my posts were of a personal nature defending ED against personal attacks! Furthermore, I'm not related to any cast member, nor am I employed by WB,CW, nor am I ED's f### hairdresser or gardner! Thus all the rudimentary nonsense propogated on twitter about breaching confidentiality is ABSOLUTE NONSENSE and nothing more than precocious posturing by this insipid child pretending to be on some fictional crusade about ethics. Hence her pathetic intentions to have me fired will unlikely succeed! This has nothing to do with ethics, or spoilers,but a moral breakdown of an individual manipulating a fandom to alienate, discriminate against this actress, or anyone who defends her, and reach beyond the borders of a fandom into the REAL WORLD, attempting to get someone fired based on the misguided expectations of some fictionalized TV character! I cleared my posts out of disgust, not because I was forced to, but because I wanted to distance myself from any further association with such deranged abnormal delusionary ideals that are better treated within a mental institution! I do not believe this is the visionary ideal of any fandom. Ironically, this disturbed person and her uneducated minions wish to destroy this program because they disagree with the writers' visionary efforts!
I thank you all for your support! I wish to apologize to anyone for any misunderstanding that I have caused by sharing information. It was only meant to enlighten a few excited fans who are passionate supporters of Smallville, regardless of their fandom alliances!
God Bless! PL

This is a second version of pattielaurie's post. The first, which was moderator-deleted, contained, among other things, weak threats against tobywolf13:

Certain details have been revealed about tobywolf which will undoubtedly serve their purpose in due time![51][52]

It remains to be seen what sort of consequences Tobywolf13 will serve for not liking Erica Durance or her character.

  • On November 17, 2009, a Livejournal community called sv_corefore hosted its weekly event of rewatching old episodes of Smallville. The community is dedicated to the characters of Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan, Lex Luthor, and Lana Lang. The community is for fans of those four characters and their relationships and has a weekly viewing and discussion of an old episode each Tuesday evening on Twitter, using a hashtag so that users can follow the conversation.[53] The event is hosted by the official Chlois Theory twitter account, ChloisOrg. Because of this (and exclusion of Lois Lane by definition, as she had not been on the show before Season 4), the event is maligned by fans who dislike the theory, usually Lois fans. On the fourteenth such event, svfan01, who regularly accosts Chloe fans with his unsolicited opinions[54], began trolling, interrupting the episode discussion several times with his opinion on the Chlois Theory[55] because he felt a few of fans were spamming the sv_writers with Chlois posts. Other fans mistakenly believed the discussion was an effort to "spam" the official Smallville writer's twitter account (then just two weeks old) [56] [57][58] and decided to "warn" the writers,[59][60][61] despite the fact that a quick search of the hashtag would show that out of dozens of tweets, less than 10 were directed at the writers' account, and despite the fact that the discussion was largely about the episode itself, not the Chloe/Clark relationship or the Chlois Theory.[62]


  • On January 22, 2010, a Smallville fan kryptonize uploaded a YouTube video, a take on the Hitler parody videos that have become popular, which featured Hitler expressing his distaste with Season 9 of the show and support of the Chlark ship. Chlark fans generally thought the video was hilarious[63]. A Twitter account was created called "bitterchlarkfan," clearly a sock puppet account, that tweeted a link to the video to the Smallville writers and publicist. [64] Lois and Clois fans claimed to be mostly offended by the video, then expressed dismay that "Chlark fans tweeted it to the writers supporting Hitler".[65]

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