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The Musician

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  • "On February 6, 2006, The National Enquirer runs an article titled "Clay is Gay!" and all hell breaks loose. John Paulus, a 37 year old former Green Beret, claimed to have met American Idol superstar Clay Aiken online under the IM username "valleyprettyboy". On January 2, Paulus claims he and then went to the Quality Inn hotel in Garner, North Carolina. He paid cash for a room and waited. Within 5 minutes of Clay showing up, Paulus claims they began to have unprotected sex. The National Enquirer claimed they gave Paulus a polygraph test that he passed and that he had evidence from the night he spent with Clay that had his DNA on it. Shockingly enough, Clay wasn't keen on offering up a DNA sample to a man who claimed he saved a towel with ejaculate on it. " [7]
  • Starting shortly after the accusations regarding Clay Aiken's alleged relationship with John Paulus, "The Claymates and Aiken's legal team attacked. Paulus claimed he and his family received death threats on a daily basis. Paulus began releasing more stories about Aiken's family and personal life that couldn't be substantiated." [8]


  • "In October 2007, a Clay Aiken fan went looking for more information on the John Paulus situation and if he was still claiming to have had sex with Clay Aiken. The fan, known as "Clayfully Yours", took screenshots of various comments Paulus made in response to questions left on his site. In these comments, Paulus recants almost every single accusations he made about meeting Clay Aiken and answers why he made the stories up to begin with." [9]
  • On December 9, 2007, the InsaneJournal community idol_times was created. [10]
  • On December 9, 2007, the InsaneJournal icon community idol_xpose_icon was created. [11]


were congratulatory and wished the star success while stunned at how soon the baby would be arriving. A few did respond on with comments about how the baby will ruin his touring schedule and future cd releases but the Claymates have a history of being divided over issues in Clay's life outside of his singing career. [15]
  • In the September 24, 2008 issue of PEOPLE magazine, and in a subsequent two part interview with journalist Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, Clay declared publiclly that he was, in fact, gay. [16]


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  • Kidder, Kristine. "Passing Out and Acting Up with young female music fans" Bitch magazine. pgs 82-86. Issue 32, Summer 2005.

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