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Diane Marchant was a Star Trek fan fiction writer and fanzine publisher active in the 1970s and 1980s. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, she was involved in key events in the formation of the Star Trek community and the slash fiction community. She was friends with Leonard Nimoy in the early days of Star Trek. In 1974, Diane Marchant published the first Kirk/Spock story. The story did not include names of the characters. The details, including the lack of names, were so vague that it could have been interpreted to be a story about a man and a woman. Only later, in various essays, did Marchant make it known that the story was really about Kirk/Spock. In 1975, the general Star Trek community did not seem overly receptive to romance and in particular, that pairing. Diane Marchant would address this pairing in an essay in Grup #4. Her letter and story generated a follow-up discussion to this essay in the Star Trek letterzine, Halkan Council. Diane Marchant co-founded the Star Trek Welcommittee and organized a Star Trek program at the 1975 WorldCon, Aussiecon. This event would eventually be part of what became a movement to separate the traditional science fiction community from the Star Trek.

Sadly, she passed away on April 5, 2006 from pancreatic cancer.


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