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Season 01 characters
Digimon was released in Japan in1996. The popularity of the Pokemon anime may have been a factor for Digimon's success.


Season 1 (Digimon Adventure)

Season 01 characters (from Leloloa.net)
Characters in Digimon were often paired into same-sex relationships, Taito/Yamachi's (which is how the original Japanese version had it) popularity illustrates the preference for slash by some, but het couples are incredibly popular within the franchise, and wars between those who supported Taichi/Sora and Yamato/Sora were common. As with many fandoms, the names of the relationship were generally created by smushing the two involved characters' names together into portmanteaus. For example, Taichi and Yamato becomes Taito and Mimi and Sora becomes Mira. Some fans used the position of the name to show who the dominant member of the pair was. Please see Digimon Specific Terminology for more information.

Season 2 (Digimon Adventure 02)

Season 02 characters
Season 2 saw the addition of Jogress Evolution, or DNA Digivolution, by which the children were able to power up their Digimon by combining forces with one another. The characters were paired off into specific groups, and many fans saw this as "proof" of the characters romantic relationships, or at least potential for such. This supported slash (also known as yaoi and yuri) as each pair contained characters of the same gender (Hikari with Miyako, Ken with Daisuke, and Iori with Takeru). However, het pairings were still popular, with Hikari and Takeru's relationship greatly supported. The final episode of the season included an epilogue, which suggested that Yamato and Sora were together and clearly stated that Miyako and Ken were married. The ending is sometimes (no, often) dismissed by fans as being unrealistic, if not bizarre.

Season 3 (Digimon Tamers)

Season 3 rebooted the Digimon franchise. Digimon Tamers took place in the "real world" where Digimon is understood to be simply a card game; however, this is soon challenged when very real Digimon begin entering the characters' reality. The story revolves around young Digi-Tamers who have bonded with Digimon who share their views of stopping a bigoted army from bringing harm to humankind.

Tamers remains a subject of much discussion amongst the fandom, some refusing to accept the reboot, others complaining that it abused its younger, more innocent characters such as Juri/Jeri. Other fans argue that Digimon Tamers was perhaps the darkest, and best, of the Digimon series due to these traits.

The fans of the series are none the less as volatile as Adventure and 02 fans when it comes to contending romantic relationships between the characters. The lovable, caring, and slightly eccentric puppeteer Juri and the icy, cold, conflicted Ruki were seen by the fandom as ideal "rivals" for the shy Takato's affections, despite signs of only deep platonic bonding between both characters.

The final Tamers movie is seen by the Rukato shippers as confirmation that Takato and Ruki love one another.

  • Matsuda Takato (Takato Matsuki)
  • Lee Jenrya (Henry Wong)
  • Makino Ruki (Rika Nonaka)
  • Akiyama Ryou (Ryo Akiyama)
  • Katou Juri (Jeri Katou)
  • Shiota Hirokazu (Kazu Shioda)
  • Kitagawa Kenta (Kenta Kitagawa)
  • Lee Shiuchon (Suzie Wong)
  • McCoy Alice (Alice McCoy)

Season 4 (Digimon Frontier)

The season is the most unique of all 5, the characters did not have any digimon partners but instead transformed into digimon through spirit evolution and thus the season focused on the human characters more, and thus focused more on romance then anyhing else. Takumi (Takuya and Izumi) and Kozumi (Koji and Izumi) were the season's most popular couples. The way in which the relationships were modeled reflected the Taiora and Sorato wars. The characters in the season are as followed:

  • Kanbara Takuya (Takuya Kanbara)
  • Orimoto Izumi (Zoe Orimoto)
  • Shibayama Junpei (J.P. Shibayama)
  • Himi Tomoki (Tommy Himi)
  • Minamoto Kouji (Koji Minamoto)
  • Kimura Kouichi (Koichi Kimura)

Season 5 (Digimon Savers/Data Squad)

Digimon Savers, titled Data Squad in the English dub, first aired on April 2, 2006.[1]. This was in many ways a reversion to Tamers, in the qualities of darkness and a focus on the human world over the digital world. The government also has knowledge of Digimon and the digital world, though the organization set up to keep the peace between the worlds and prevent any humans from finding out about the digital world, DATS, was primarily "good", which contrasted with Hypnos in the third season, which for a large part of the series was considered "bad". This season also features the plot device known as government corruption, which, with the possible exception of Yamaki in Tamers, was not seen in Digimon before. It is arguably the darkest season, because it effectively negates "Disney Death", and features flat out genocide and mass-murder. It is also probably the most hated season, as, except for Keenan, everyone is at least 14 years old and many have argued that Digimon without children is not really Digimon at all. Loyal fans insist that these haters need only watch the series, and they will see that it is in fact good.

  • Daimon Masaru (Marcus Damon)
  • Tohma H. Norstein (Thomas H. Norstein
  • Fujieda Yoshino (Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda)
  • Noguchi Ikuto (Keenan Crier)

Digimon Specific Terminology

Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fandom. These terms were created by shortening and combining character names to form a word to describe the relationship between the characters. Occasionally, the position of the characters' names defines who is the dominant member of the couple. There is a seemingly endless amount of portmanteaus, so the list includes only the relatively popular couples. Please see the expanded Digimon couple list for more terms.

  • Daikari is a term used to refer to a story involving a romantic relationship between Daisuke and Hikari.
  • Daiken is a term used to refer to a story involving a romantic relationship between Ken and Daisuke.
  • Daikeru is a term used to refer to a story involving a romantic relationship between Daisuke and Takeru.
  • Hiyako refers to a fanwork in which Hikari and Miyako are a couple.
  • Mira is a fan-created term which refers to the pairing of Sora and Mimi.
  • Sorato is the term for the Sora and Yamato pairing.
  • Taisuke is a term that refers to the couple of Taichi and Daisuke.
  • Taito is a term used to refer to a story involving a romantic relationship involving Taichi and Yamato, typically with Taichi being the dominant member, or seme, in the relationship. Yamachi is also used for the pairing, only with Yamato being the dominant. Its usage predates 2000
  • Taiora is a term that refers to the relationship between Taichi and Sora. This is one of the more popular het pairings.
  • Takari is a term that refers to the relationship between Hikari and Takeru.
  • Takori refers to a Takeru and Iori fanwork.
  • Yamakeru is used to refer to a story romantically involving Yamato and his brother Takeru. Besides being a slash pairing, this couple is also an example of incest.
  • Yomi, which stands for a relationship between Miyako and Mimi, has the distinction of being the only term which makes use of an English dub name, rather than the Japanese name.

Besides these Digimon-specific terms, other common words found in the Digimon fandom include:

  • doujinshi are fan-made Japanese comics
  • gijinka are animal characters drawn as humanoids
  • seme, which is a Japanese word and refers to the dominant member of a relationship
  • shoujo ai is a Japanese term that refers to a female/female relationship that is not as explicit as yuri
  • shounen ai is a term that refers to a male/male relationship that is not as explicit as yaoi
  • slash, which refers to a male/male relationship
  • uke, which is a Japanese word that is used in English to describe the submissive member of a relationship
  • yaoi, which is another Japanese term, refers to a slash relationship
  • yuri, which is yet another Japanese term, refers to a female/female relationship


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan community.



  • In 2000, FanFiction.Net ran a beta certification process. People who wished to be certified as beta readers were asked to beta read a story, treating the process as they would any story they normally beta read. This was run by Michela Ecks and Niamh as part of FanFiction.Net’s Writers University. The pass rate was roughly one in four.








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Wars between Taiora and Sorato fans were common during the first two seasons of Digimon, as was Davis-bashing (occasionally the hate for Davis was expanded to include his sister, this is [unsurprisingly] called Motomiya-bashing). Please see Motomiya Daisuke for more information on Davis- and Motomiya-bashing.

Influential Fans

  • Koani (Season 1, 2) is popular for some of her fanart in the English speaking community. Despite that her site is gone, her fanart can still be seen today.
  • Meg-chan (Season 1, 2) owns a website that made the Japanese episodes of the series available to fans, at a time when they were not nearly as available as they are today.
  • Splash has long been a member of the Digimon fandom (and is now fan-subbing the newest season of the show), but she is probably best known for her substantial contributions to the Taito fandom. Her website Got Taito? is still updated.
  • Broken Angel01 has garnered a large, active following, mostly from her popular Following the Footsteps of Destiny story, an ongoing epic that is written as a sequel to Seasons 1 and 2 starring a new cast. Her fans have even created their own stories and art inspired by her characters[21][22][23][24].
  • C.Queen (Season 3) is well-known among the Rika-Ryo community, primarily from her There For You story, which concluded on January 8, 2008.
  • nightdragon0's Dragon Morphs: A Digimorphs Tale, an adventure story starring four humans turned into dragon digimon, has been widely well-received; a feat which is notable due to the story's lack of connections to the established canon characters (a characteristic that typically causes stories in the fandom to receive less attention).
  • Ultra Sonic 007 is well know for his Zero 2: A Revision and its sequels. The story itself is a revision of the second season addressing many of its plot holes. Its sequels [25] [26] [27] [28] have also been highly successful. The first chapter was posted in November of 2003 with the series still in progress.
  • gem2niki is well-known and influential for her various fanarts. Her fanart can still be seen in some places today.
  • Yuuri Ogura, a Japanese fanartist, is very well-known for her fanart, especially those including the pairing Mimi and Koushirou. Unfortunately, because she claimed that too many people were stealing her art, she closed her website in 2003, but her fanart can still be seen in various places today.
  • Pan-chan often reported many news about Digimon on her website, and her Digimon section is one of the most popular sections of her site.
  • Raidex owned The Digimon Experience (closed) and held news and images available to viewing.
  • TKTakeru is the owner and creator of TheDigiPort, one of the largest and longest-living Digimon websites.
  • Chris McFeely's THE DIGIMON ENCYCLOPEDIA is a site that follows the dub. He is known for being able to get interviews from the English voice actors and writers.
  • Mippa (Melissa D. Johnson) is the head of the Digimon Doujinshi Project, which produces bilingual Digimon doujinshi in Japan.
  • Vitros owned The Digimon Network, and co-owned The Digital Matrix Forums (both closed). TDN hosted information, pictures, news, games. DMF was one of the largest and most frequented message boards in the Anime Community. DMF was also co-owned by TKTakeru of TheDigiPort.

See also Digimon fans.

Fandom size

FanHistory.Com as of April 14, 2007.

January 2007

As of January 1, 2007, there were 321 stories on FanDomination.Net.

August 2007

There were 28,767 stories on FanFiction.Net as of August 4, 2007.

October 2007

There were 29,231 stories on FanFiction.Net as of October 28, 2007. Of these, approximately 19.7% are under 1000 words, 48.9% between 1000 and 5000 words, 14.1% between 5000 and 10000 words, 9.0% between 10000 and 20000 words, 5.1% between 20000 and 40000 words, 1.5% between 40000 and 60000 words, 1.0% between 60000 and 100000 words, and 0.7% greater than 100000 words.

December 2007

As of December 30, there were 750 members of the LiveJournal community, digimon. The community was being watched by 572 people. [29]

September 2008

As of September 22, 2008, there are 289 fans on FanPop. [30]

May 2009

As of May 10, 2009, there are 31,507 stories for Digimon on Fanfiction.net. [31] There are also 117 Crossovers, 209 Communities, and 162 Discussion Forums pertaining to Digimon.

May 2010

Digimon held the 6th position in popularity among Anime/Manga fics on FanFiction.net, with 33,366 fics, 381 crossovers, 224 communities, and 188 discussion forums.


See also Digimon fan fiction community size.

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