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The table below gives historical numbers regarding the size of donut community.

The Table

LiveJouranl community historical growth
Total Posts Var. Total comments Var. Total Members Var. Total Watched By Var.
December 19, 2008280135022501400
January 6, 2009280135022611411
January 20, 2009280135022711421
January 27, 2009280139423141453
February 3, 200928014012321144-1
February 24, 2009280142224081517
March 3, 2009280142024111521
March 17, 200928014202432151-1
March 24, 2009280142024411521
March 31, 2009280142024511531


Please use this section to explain/speculate with sources as to why there was increased activity for this community for particular periods. Was new canon released? Did a new season start for a sport? Was there a ficathon? Did the community get mentioned in a newspaper?

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