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DragonCon is the one of the largest multi-media and pop-culture convention held annually in the United States. The convention encompasses all mediuim of science fiction and fantasy entertainment including anime, television, film, literature, comics, gaming, art and music. It is held annually in Atlanta, Georgia over the Labor Day weekend.

Programming generally includes a large variety of guests including actors, writers, artists, musicians, directors and media personalities. The art show is juried and prohibits any fan art. Costuming is very popular at the convention and is featured in competitions as well as an annual parade through downtown Atlanta.

Convention logo
Status active
Genre science-fiction, fantasy, anime, gaming, media
Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Sponsor Dragon*Con
First held 1987
Official website



  • DragonCon was first held in 1987 as an extension of a local science fiction and gaming organization. Over 1,400 fans attended this first convention.
A flyer advertising Dragon*Con 2009.

Impact on fandom

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Dragon*Con features both a very large Exhibitors Hall for 10x10 booth displays and a Dealers Hall for individual dealers' tables. There is also an Artists' Alley and an Art Show.

Fans attending

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