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Duran Duran slash and het fic circulated in fanzines during the 1990s. sidewinder notes that the Real Person Fic (RPF) people at the time did not seem to come from the same community as "traditional fan fiction fans" were coming from. (sidewinder).

Duran Duran fans were writing fan fiction from the earliest days of the band's fame in the 1980s, mostly drawerfic or roleplaying in pairs or small groups. They were publishing Duran Duran fan fiction in zines as early as 1987, and were on Usenet and then the World Wide Web in the early 1990s.


The Band

Duran Duran was founded in 1978, and got a record contract in 1980. They achieved some success in the UK and Japan in 1981, and became famous in America in 1982/1983. From 1981 to 1985, they had a continuous string of hit singles and were a ubiquitous presence on MTV, with music videos containing vivid images and storylines. The original five band members had very distinctive personalities, which were played up by the teen magazines of the era. Simon Le Bon was a swaggering adventurer, Nick Rhodes an artsy androgyne, John Taylor a sentimental seducer, Andy Taylor a no-nonsense rocker, Roger Taylor a hard-working recluse. The band broke into two side projects, then lost two members in 1985. The band added Warren Cuccurullo to the lineup, and had more challenges achieving success until another hit album in 1993. A few more unsuccessful albums followed, before a reunion of the original five members in 2001.

According to sidewinder, Duran Duran zine people said that Duran Duran were aware of the fan fiction: The editor of UMF/owner of the Lovely Blue Planet of There website was told by John Taylor's personal assistant Bev Raff that he had the first issue of UMF on his coffee table in 1995.


  • DDFic :the Duran Duran fan fiction mailing list -- the central fic community
  • There :the Lovely Blue Planet of There, best-known archive for DD fic.
  • JoSi  :fiction involving John and Simon -- the first and most popular "pairing" term, invented in 2000s. JoNi, NiSi, RoJo and others were modeled after it.


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan fiction community.



Nick Rhodes in 1980s era manga
Roger and John Taylor

As early as 1981, the band became pin-up idols in Japan. Japanese pop magazines from that time published Duran Duran fan art of a slashy nature (this happened with other pop bands as well: Cheap Trick, Queen, Poison, etc). Also, manga (Japanese comics) about yaoi ("boys' love"), which were already widely popular in Japan, and they immediately borrowed the likenesses and characters of Duran Duran into comic stories, several of which were included in the pop magazines, and as separate publications. The likenesses took on a life of their own; manga today, both slash and nonslash, still use their likenesses, but not their characters.(DDFic post 5451, 5455)

circa 1982-83

Many members of the DDFic list report that they began writing stories or doing roleplaying about the band individually -- they didn't call it fan fiction, and didn't have any connection to the the larger media fanfic communities (Star Trek, etc). Some report being inspired by the mini-storylines in Duran Duran videos.


  • Vertigo, a German magazine -- first zine to publish DD fanfic(5459)


  • Tiger-list, the Duran Duran listserv/mailing list established (not a fic list)
  • Fanfic was traded by email (in the body or in attachments) or by snail-mailing documents or floppy disks among fans who met through print 'zines, Tiger-List, conventions, the newsgroup alt.music.duran-duran, or the America Online Duran Duran board "Room 7609".


  • Fab Five Funny Farm, Duran humor zine founded.([1])


  • TheICON zine launched, ran 28 quarterly issues that included fan art and poetry.
  • Artslave begins to assemble The Duran Duran Timeline, a chronology of the band's history, in part as an aid to fic writers; parts of it were published at Room 7609 on AOL and improved by other fans


  • Privacy zine launched, including fan creativity.
  • Major Duran Duran zine launched (5459). Ran 5 issues.
  • UMF, The Zine for the Creative Duranie #1 ([2]) 200 page Duran fanfic zine premieres. First zine to publish Duran slash (JoNi). (5459) Ran 10 issues.
  • The first ICON fan convention, held annually in New York City for the next five years. Fans meet in hotel rooms for unofficial "Bedtime Stories" gatherings, where authors and friends give readings of fanfic and slashfic. These gatherings also took place at other conventions.
  • The Duran Digest fan convention held in Los Angeles.


  • Duran-Duran-A-Thon Convention in Toledo, Ohio. Fanfic groups heavily involved in promoting the event online, "Bedtime Stories" readings.
  • Tiger-List moves to the Indyramp servers, where they'll remain for over a decade.
  • The UMF website launched. First website to feature Duran fanfic, contains snippets of fic as advertisement for the zine(5459)


  • DUCK! Duran Duran humor zine launched. (5463)
  • The Duranie Connection, the first fully-developed DD fan website, launched by Kapil Mathur. Fanfic was not included on the site, but space in the domain was allotted by the owner so UMF could expand their website. (5459)


  • DURANCON convention hosted by Duran Duran Yearbook in Santa Monica, California; bassist John Taylor appears, provides vintage clothes from DD concerts and videos for an exhibit, performs and announces his departure from Duran Duran directly to the fans.
  • John founds B5 Records; the B5 Records website, designed and supported by Kapil Mathur, has an active forum community that includes fan creativity.
  • Lizard King's Duran Duran Site launched; later
  • The Duran Duran Timeline website launched (originally on Xoom, before that part of The Duranie Connection)


  • The "DDFic" mailing list started on OneList (later to become Yahoo!Groups), as a workshop for fiction and a springboard to archive sites such as There. (5459)</sup>
  • Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes asks for a subscription to DUCK! (5463)
  • B5 site renamed Trust The Process; John Taylor holds poetry chats and art competitions to foster fan creativity (although not JT/DD-centered creativity)



  • Tiger-list traffic dribbles to a standstill as competition from other mailing lists grows; at one point there were over a dozen active eGroups/Yahoo!Groups-style mailing lists. "Friends of Mine", "Divine Interference", and "Strange Behaviour" were prominent email lists.
  • Later both general and fic DD communities began to shift to message boards and to blogs such as LiveJournal. The existing fic community has largely ignored general archives like FanFiction.net due to prohibitions on RPF and RPS.


  • "Lovely Blue Planet of There" is featured in Rolling Stone #837 in March 2000, and chosen by Select (July 2000) as one of the 100 best music sites on the web (in the "Weird Shit" category)(5459)
  • The "Tarnished Halo" mailing list founded specifically for DD slash.
  • Strange Behaviour mailing list founded



  • "duranstories" DD-slash only LiveJournal community set up
  • Tarnished Halo DD fanfic list gives administration of list over to admins for DDFic mailing list.(5459)



  • Duran Duran Wiki launched
  • DDFic and Tarnished Halo fanfic lists merge in October.

Dates unknown

  • Bay Area Duran Duran (BADD) humor site/zine launched (originally on Geocities)
  • Duran Duran Yearbook launched


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