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Eastern Media Con is a fan-run multimedia convention sponsored by Light & Shadow Press. It is both a slash and gen-friendly convention with an emphasis on movie and television fandoms. In 2009, the convention went on "hiatus" and its future is uncertain.

Eastern Media Con
Status on hiatus
Genre fanzine, media
Location Elizabeth, New Jersey
Sponsor Light & Shadow Press
First held 2007
Official Website



  • On March 29, 2009, the con committee announced that the convention would not occur in 2009 due to numerous difficulties, including finding a suitable hotel & hotel rate, and financial losses from the previous years' conventions. It was left open as to whether they would attempt to run the convention at some point in the future, should finances allow. (See Concerning Eastern Media Con 2009 for full statement.)

Impact on fandom

  • The 2007 EMC con, while to many was seen as a replacement to Eclecticon, quickly took on its own unique personality. Attendees found the atmosphere more equally friendly to slash and gen fans, whereas Eclecticon had fallen out of favor with some slash fans as they felt the atmosphere there had become more (marginally) "tolerant" of slash than actually accepting of it. A heavy panel track representing a wide range of fandoms was incorporated, again similar to Eclecticon, but the convention also featured an art show, evening entertainment, a vid show, and morning social activities. The atmosphere of the convention was similar to previous small, fan-fiction/fanzine oriented conventions of the Mid-East region of the past such as ConneXions and SHarecon. The gender makeup of the convention attendees was predominantly female. (sockii)
  • The 2008 EMC con was similar in size and atmosphere to the first convention in 2007.


EMC runs 4-track programming during both day and evening hoursduring the three days of the convention, as well as a video room for episode screenings, discussion, and pimping.


A sample of panel topics at the 2008 convention include:


Dealers who have been at attendance at past Eastern Media Cons include:

Fans attending

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