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Emo porn (equally known as "emoporn" is a term used by the fan-fiction community, short for "emotional porn." Popularized at least by 2006 by hth-the-first in a LiveJournal entry on the subject, it is compactly defined as "a climactic moment of high-pitch emotion." She makes the suggestion that fanfic often re-contextualizes canon into emo porn, and emo porn is not necessarily sexual in nature.[1]

Outside of the fandom community, however, the term has a much different definition. A google search on the term leads to links to explicit pornography sites featuring "goth" and "emo"-identified subjects, nothing at all related to the fandom community. The mainstream media has used the term as well to simply refer to adult/slash fan-fiction written about bands associated with the "emo" scene, such as My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy.[2]


Historical Definitions

The following definition dates to April 2006 by hth-the-first:

...emo porn is a climactic moment of high-pitch emotion that is completely focused and unmixed, normally but not always focused on the purity of two characters' feelings for one another. You know it not by what's said but by how it's deployed, the kind of reaction it's intended to elicit from the audience: a breathles, riveted, completely absorbing moment of emotional response. Other kinds of writing tries to make you feel something, to be sure, but emo porn's goal is to make you feel that *whatever you are feeling is everything* -- at least for that moment. It goes straight for the spine, and when it's done well, there's a kind of disconnected elation that results, where you feel like you've been mainlining some powerful emotion in its purest form.[3]

The following definitions date to August 2007 in the Urban Dictionary:

1. The depiction of behaviors (often romantic in nature) intended to cause intense emotional stimulation.
2. Printed, visual, or audio material designed to stimulate intense emotional arousal. Often considered to have no artistic value beyond said stimulation, but quite popular nonetheless.
3. Descriptions or behavior intended to cause arousal, but could be considered unpleasant.[4]


  • In 2006, marythefan is identified as the fan who originally came up with the term as it is used in fandom.[5]
  • In 2009, Torchwood was identified as a fandom with a great deal of emo porn fanfiction.[6]


  • The "Nights in White Satin" scene in Wiseguy has been identified as a classic canon moment of emo porn.[7]
  • There is some great examples of Emo Porn on scene-porn.com[8].

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