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Fail is a Meme which has evolved into a commonly used phrase on the internet, both inside and outside of fandom. The word "fail" in this context is often used to disapprove of a person or said persons' actions, opinions, words or behavior.



supergee made the following observation regarding the definition of Fail on June 11, 2009: "I wonder if one element in *Fail is a lot of people just wanting to vent about an emotional issue, and feeling that raising questions like this is male answer syndrome." [1]

Know Your Meme presents the following video demonstration and explanation of Fail:


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Related terms

A shipment of Fail on board a Failboat.
  • Failboat - a large "shipment" of Fail. May be a group of individuals all contributing to an incidence of fail, or continuing on in fail-worthy actions blithely ignoring the criticisms and cautions of others.
  • Win - the opposite of Fail.


Examples of Fail in fandom include:

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