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A typical FanFiction.Net forum.



Fanfiction.Net Forums is a public message board service on a website dedicated to fan fiction, Fanfiction.Net.

The forums' purpose is described on their main page: "Participate in discussion forums to debate your favorite topics, find members with similar interests, or to pick up writing tips. Dicussion forums are grouped by category of interest."[1] Notice the typo made by FFN staff.

The current forum format has been introduced on December 15, 2005.[2] Up to 10 Fanfiction.Net Forums can be created by any single registered user with an active account. Posting on the forums is also restricted to Fanfiction.Net members, whilst anyone can access them, regardless of membership status. Content in the forums must be suitable for teens.

Every forum consists of topics, also known as threads. Topics contain posts themed to suit the discussion's main idea. A topic may contain up to 5000 posts in total, divided into 100 pages. When the cap is reached, a new thread must be created for the discussion to continue. Initially, there has not been a limit for posts as is evident in this forum. The limit was introduced on July 13, 2007.

Forum Categories

There are 10 categories of forums on Fanfiction.Net, which depend on the forum's theme. The walkthrough is identical to that of browsing for stories. The categories are: Anime/Manga, Books, Cartoons, Comics, Games, Misc, Movies, Plays/Musicals, TV Shows. All of these have sub-categories for forums about a specific fandom. Unlike stories, there are no crossover forums.

General Forums are a separate category for everything that does not fit elsewhere, such as general discussions about writing.

Miscategorized forums are removed by FFN staff to prevent miscommunication and jumping from category to category.


Members may choose to subscribe to forums to receive email notifications whenever a new topic or post is made available, encouraging more fluid discussions. The number of forum subscribers is displayed in the forum's descriptions and is a measure of forum popularity among FanFiction.Net users. Alternatively, a member can subscribe to select topics in any forum to receive only relevant post information. Such subscriptions are impossible to account for forum owners.

By default, posting on a FanFiction.Net forum enables topic subscription. A message board participant may choose not to subscribe, especially in very active forums, to prevent overuse of their mailbox quota. However, unchecking the topic subscription prior to posting has been ineffective since the service's introduction till now (July, 2010), and participants are required to take additional action, so the flood of email notifications would cease. The alternatives are unsubscribing by clicking a special link provided in every post notification, which arrives as soon as another post is made in the topic, or unsubscribing from all forums via another link also visible in every notification. The drawback is that if an idle discussion becomes very active during a poster's absence, the mailbox may receive up to 4,999 emails per topic.

Conversely, to fully raze the possibility of such a flood is disabling forum notifications in the domain's login area.

User Structure and Administration

The forum's founder is known as the forum administrator, who is responsible for all activity inside the created message board. An administrator may choose to invite moderators, users with administrative privilegess, to prevent abuse or trolling more effectively. FFN's forum management area explains: "Warning: a moderator can edit, delete, lock, pin, and close forums topics/threads. Choose your moderators very carefully." Forum administrators and moderators are distinguishable from other users by having a yellow badge next to each of their posts.

Users without administrative powers may create posts, respond to others' public messages and edit their own posts. Regular users can also post new topics if the option is enabled by the administrator.

The forum membership structure is determined by different icons, shown near every post, shaped differently depending on member type and account age. They are described below:

  1. Forum admin/moderator
  2. Fanatic (on site for more than 2 years)
  3. Fan (on site for more than a year)
  4. Regular (on site for more than 6 months)
  5. Camper (on site for more than a month)
  6. Apprentice (on site for more than a week)
  7. Newbie (on site for less than a week)

Top Forums

Below is a top-ten list of forums from fandoms with at least 10 registered forums, ranked by the number of posts. These forums account for more than 12% of all forum traffic on FanFiction.Net as of July 1, 2010.

# Name Posts Topics Subscribers Since Category Fandom
1 Naruto RP: Create your own character 742,165 1564 16 09.15.07 Anime/Manga Naruto
2 The Domain 502,672 274 16 12.08.07 General General
3 Axira's Organization XIII 500,835 121 10 11.03.07 Games Kingdom Hearts
4 Naruto Roleplay 419,977 402 19 04.17.07 Anime/Manga Naruto
5 Your Other Characters 337,131 318 6 07.05.07 Games Sonic the Hedgehog
6 Roleplays Rock 334,582 912 18 12.26.06 General General
7 The Longest Forum Ever! 294,92 1733 32 06.06.07 General General
8 T w i l i g h t d o m 272,393 101 138 06.14.07 Books Twilight
9 Super Smash Bros: Brawl! 197,588 233 7 05.11.06 Games Super Smash Brothers
10 A load of Pokeballs! 193,483 345 16 08.06.06 Games Pokemon

The list is dominated by forums in the Game category, with 4 of them belonging to: Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Super Smash Brothers. Two message boards originated in Naruto in the Anime/Manga section, taking up 4% of all forum posts on FanFiction.Net. One Books forum hails from Twilight. The remaining three are General forums. It must be noted that most discussion boards in the top ten list are related to role-playing. Others have reached the bulk of their size via multiple continuously numbered chat threads about no particular topic.

Influential forums

Forum influence on FanFiction.Net is determined by several factors such as the subscriber count and inspiration to other forums with awareness in fandom. Size is also a contributing factor, but not all large forums with more than 100,000 posts gained momentum in 2010, instead, they were pushed down the rank by more viral message boards.

The forums below, listed alphabetically, maintain a leading role on FanFiction.Net:

Forum Abuse

There have been measures taken to prevent forum abuse such as spam and trolling both by FFN staff and forum administrators. The staff have included the following:

  • Forum restriction: new FFN members cannot post in forums until their account reaches a certain age
  • Post throttle: users can make a post once every 15 seconds
  • Coarse language filter
  • Banning select users from posting

Additionally, forum administrators usually make extra choices:

  • Forum-specific rules to limit unwanted behavior (such as double-posting and disregard to language)
  • Locks on topics, making it impossible to edit posts inside them
  • Limiting new topic creation to moderators only

Still, these measures are not always enough to dodge negativity, and large forums are sometimes attacked by spammers, making conversations impossible when forum staff is unavailable.

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