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Welcome to Fan History! A fan run wiki that anyone can edit! (Provided you follow the rules.) Fan History is dedicated to documenting the history of fandom. What parts of fandom are covered? See our fandom index below. Fan History is special, at least compared to other wikis. We have no notability requirement. Why? Because everything matters when trying to put together the full picture of what is going on in fandom. What little name authors are doing can help demonstrate larger trends that might not otherwise show up. We'd love for you to be involved with our project. No edit is too small. Still have questions? Ask them in our chat.


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Wiki News
November 23 We've created a writer class. If you still want to contribute, definitely get in touch.
November 23 As we were down to one active admin and real life issues interfered with our ability to continue to patrol, we've decided to lock down the wiki to editing. If you still wish to edit, please e-mail Laura at Fan History dot Com. Special access could possibly be given if you would like to really improve things. The wiki will continue to exist for historical reasons.
August 2 We need more admin staff! If you're interested, please let Laura know.
August 1 The person who handles Article Deletion Requests is on vacation for about 10 days. All requests will be dealt with when she gets back.
July 16 There has been an addition to our pen name policy change at Help:Pen name changes. This is to address the issue of pen name changes with new people using the old pen name on FanFiction.Net. Feedback is appreciated.
July 16 We're still having occasional problems with search. If you see a problem, please e-mail us with the exact error.
July 1 The folks who aggregate links for fandomnews are on hiatus until July 12. For more information, see our livejournal mirror.
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