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Fandom Wank was created on LiveJournal on October 16, 2002. [1] Fandom Wank describes itself as a group devoted to making fun of wank, which it defines as:

Self-aggrandizing posturing. Fannish absurdities. Circular ego-stroking. Endless flamewars. Pseudointellectual definitions.[2]

F_W is a community dedicated to mocking specifically fandom and fen; there are off-shoot communities with more specific targets, such as politics (Politial Wank), Harry Potter (The Harry Potter Cornfield), and members of F_W (Wankity Wank).


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In 2003, Fandom_Wank, a blogging community dedicated to finding all the wankish fandom oriented discussion, informing the masses about it and generally having a good laugh, faced a number of issues this year as it began to form into one of the most influential communities in fan fiction. The community was ToSed from LiveJournal, ToSed from Blurty, briefly moved to Yahoo!Groups before finally finding a home at JournalFen. 2003 was the year qualified by several members of fandom_wank as the year of grudge wanking, where people reported wank that was really about attacking another person instead of actual wank.

On June 23, 2004, moderator "brad" deleted fandom_wank from Journalfen. This is commonly referred to as "Deletegate". The mass panic of new and old members alike caused such a huge load on the Journalfen servers that Zorrorojo undeleted the community, 'accidentally' unmoderating many of the current mods; at this point, the mods fessed up[3]. And then there was wank.

On June 23, 2005, fandom_wank turned into fandom_love for a brief while, with pretty pink icons everywhere and no mocking as far as the eye could see. Unsurprisingly, this caused massive wank between... just about everyone.

In late March 2007, JournalFen went down because of a Denial of Service attack. This took Fandom Wank with it [4][5][6] and brought on the oft-repeated cry of "The server is robust!"[7]

On August 16, 2007, Msscribe reappeared on her LiveJournal. This was quickly picked up by Fandom Wank with some LiveJournal users speculating that this would bring down JournalFen's servers. [8]

Fandom Wank Wiki

The fandom wank wiki is a reference site for the most popular and famous wanks that have appeared on fandom wank. The wiki has had some problems with experiencing large periods of downtime.

On August 19, 2007, the Fandom Wank Wiki came back up after being down for a period of time. [9]


Below is a partial list of past and present moderators of Fandom Wank.


The user base for fandom wank tends to be female, between the ages of 25 and 34, have college degrees, white and childless. [10][11]


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