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Fan History has three levels of administrators and two support levels. The administrator levels are owner and maintainer, system administrators and fandom specific administrators. The two support levels are the tech team and the promotions/information team.

The first level is the owner and maintainer. On this level, the owner is legally liable for the wiki. She is also responsible for a partnership agreements, paying the bills, determining the advertising on site, supporting the tech team and appointing system administrators. The buck stops at this level.

The second level is system administrators. System administrators are appointed by User:Laura after discussion with one or more other system administrator. System administrators are expected to help with article deletion requests, with enforcing the wiki's philosophy, helping improve articles that are problematic, finding people to help improve articles that they cannot work on because of bias, contributing to discussions about how the wiki should function and patrolling Recent Changes to monitor it for problems. When User:Laura can't be reached, these people are the go to folks for helping to assist with the wiki administration. System administrators, when not actively involved with the wiki, can be dropped down to fandom specific administrators. They can be reinstated to this position, assuming that they have done their job as system administrators with out problems.

The third level is fandom specific administrators. The long term goal of Fan History is to find an administrator for every fandom and for specific topics on the wiki. Fandom specific administrators are asked to help assist with the following tasks:

  1. Patrol changes in their fandom to check for bias and defamatory statements,
  2. Promote the Fan History in their fandom,
  3. Support system administrators in making sure the rules and philosophy of the wiki are followed,
  4. Help others who are working on improving articles in their fandom,
  5. Delete articles which are repeats of content already on the wiki or where articles were incorrectly created because of some error such as spelling,
  6. Suggest how Fan History can help improve policy to aid them in working on their fandom's category,
  7. Lock articles that are considered historical documents to prevent them from being edited,
  8. Create userboxes for their fandom,
  9. Work on a help section for their fandom to help people who might want to contribute,
  10. Create templates for their fandom as needed,
  11. Be available to answer questions from system administrators regarding your category.

Depending on the size of the fandom and the level of activity in the fandom, a fandom administrator may need to be more or less involved.

The tech team is responsible for maintaining the back end of the wiki, installing extensions and dealing with any error messages that appear on the wiki. In terms of the wiki, this team ranks as equal to that of system administrators.

The promotion/information team consists of people who have sponsored links, who help promote the wiki, who provide wiki administrators with information and who do some behind the scenes assistance.

Administrator index

Owner and maintainer

Tech team

System administrators

Fandom specific administrators

Promotion/information team

Social Media

Contacting administrators

Please contact User:Laura in regards to press inquires, legal inquiries, business related inquires, and complaints about system administrators.

Before contacting an administrator, please utilize the appropriate talk page (the discussion tab) to address concerns there. This leaves a public trail which administrators may spot before they actually can find the time to deal with your issues via e-mail or another point of contact. By using a talk page, other contributors to the wiki may also be able to help out with your problems so that an administrator does not need to get involved.

When contacting an administrator, please send all relevant urls, summarize the situation that has happened on the wiki to date and any details any previous contact that you have had with an administrator regarding the issue you are contacting Fan History about. As Fan History's system administrators are all unpaid volunteers who hold full time jobs and have other obligations outside of the wiki, please allow up to two weeks for a response.

Please be aware that any communication with an administrator may be shared with other administrators in order to find the best way to address any concerns brought to Fan History's attention.

Intra administrator contact

If you are an administrator contacting another administrator off wiki, please be aware that your communication may be shared with other Fan History administrators if your communication deals with wiki policy and the administrator in question believes that another opinion should be sought or that the communication deals with something that may effect the whole wiki.

If you are a system administrator and you are not subscribed to the system administrator mailing list, please contact User:Laura and request that you be added. The contents of this list should be considered privileged and should not be discussed off mailing list.

Becoming an administrator

Fan History is currently looking for fandom specific administrators. Users interested in this position should take an active role in developing their fandom's section, contribute by using talk pages to explain their edits, promote their fandom's section and actively engage the administrators in a way that they feel that they can work with the user. Users interested in this position should also create a bias statement. After the user has established that they can do some of the aforementioned activities and created a bias statement, they should contact the administrators and ask to be considered to be a fandom specific administrator for the fandom they have helped contribute to.

As people contribute to the wiki, Fan History will occasionally ask for people who are interested in becoming administrators for specific fandoms. These requests will be posted on Fan History's forums.

Fan History is not currently looking for system administrators. This is because we're working on building the back end and making sure our administrator selection process has a better procedure in order to prevent any problems with having administrators join the staff who fundamentally disagree with the Fan History's core philosophy. This is also being done with the intent of turning this position into a paid position when Fan History has acquired the capital to pay individuals who perform this necessary function.

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