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Wiki Thoughts

This wiki is designed as a place where people interested in the history of fandom or the history of a specific fan community can find a starting place to do that research. To this degree, the wiki is very useful. At the same time, this lack of usefulness is mitigated because, with a few exceptions, the information is rather scattershot and rarely integrates the articles to draw conclusions and explain how a fan fiction community or movement in the fan fiction community works. The reader has to sort through the available information and determine the relevancy on their own.

The wiki also suffers another problem. At the moment, it is the most comprehensive source on a panfannish level for information on fan fiction history. Looking at it, it might be easy to assume that it is comprehensive. It is not. One fanzine and one person do not make a fandom but that might be all that this wiki has on a subject because this wiki is truely panfannish. There are roughly 2,500 fandoms with some information about them.

It is for that reason that Fan History Wiki actively wants people to contribute to information, timeline events in a community, explain an individual's place in the fandom community, try to integrate this information.

As with all wikis, Fan History Wiki advices that you use it a secondary source, using citations included on pages to insure the accuracy of the information. While the maintainer tries to make information as accurate as possible, she's occasionally wrong so fact checking is good. Added to that, anyone can edit the wiki which means they can intentionally add inaccurate information which might take a while for people to find and correct.

Fan History allows contributors to upload images and add text. Submissions are not monitored or approved as they happen. Copyright infringement may happen as a result. If you feel your copyright or trademark has been infringed, please contact User:Laura.

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