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Feral fandom are parts of the fan fiction community which are dominated by first fandom folks, teenagers and people who cannot trace their fannish roots to Kirk/Spock. Feral fandom is largely located off LiveJournal, on sites like Quizilla, FanFiction.Net, MediaMiner.Org and RockFic.


Historical Definitions

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This history of this term demonstrates it lack of general acceptance and polarization, both theoretically and the use of the term, that using the term creates.

Inside of academia, the term is controversial, as Derek Johnson notes in a fandebate conversation on August 31, 2007, saying "Some might say that if I'm a fan, my lack of socialization makes me a "feral" fan--though I don't like the patronizing implication that I'm somehow in need of civilization by fan community." [1]

The term got brought up in the context of the Organization for Transformative Works when it was used in Astolat's original post proposing the fan fiction archive, which later fell under the purview of Organization for Transformative Works. People who were anti-Organization for Transformative Works picked up on this, mentioning it in the comments of a September 28, 2007 post regarding the organization and its inclusiveness. [2]


The following fandoms have been defined as feral by proponents of the term:

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