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General biography


Framwinkle took his name from an episode of Chip an' Dale Rescue Rangers, "Does Pavlov Ring a Bell", in which Gadget refers to an unseen offscreen device as a "left-hinged framwinkle, with a battery driven oscilator." Framwinkle now referes to himself as "unhinged."

Framwinkle is male, was born in the mid 1970's, (but thankfully doesn't remember the Carter era,) is a conservative, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, watches mostly cartoons and science fiction, and listens mostly to anime and video game sountracks.


Although Framwinkle has been a fan of many things, the first fandom Framwinkle was involved in was the one for Disney's Chip an' Dale Rescue Rangers, which he joined shortly after his family first got internet in 1998. He joined just weeks after the founding of The Acorn Cafe and remained an active member there for about two years, until he met his future wife on the Cafe, and they got married. He then took a 5 year hiatus from the fandom, finally returning in 2005 when the Cafe was upgraded to PHPBB. Shortly afterwards he was made a moderator at the Cafe and has served as such until the present time.

Framwinkle became somewhat involved in the fandom for Tiny Toon Adventures in 2008 when the Tiny Toons DVDs finally started to be released, and remains a member of the fandom to this day. He has also started his own Tiny Toon forum.

Framwinkle was also involved in the fandom for the Glenn Beck radio program from 2003 to 2005, fans of which call themselves "Insiders".

Framwinkle has long been a fan of Star Trek, but never an official active member of the fandom, except for two Star Trek conventions that he visited some time in the early 1990's.

Framwinkle was an official member of the Xena, Warrior Princess fan club for one year in the fan club's first year.

Framwinkle has also been involved in Furcadia since the early part of 2003, and continues to play the game from time to time. During his first year there, he was somewhat involved in a small part of the Harry Potter fandom by taking part in a Harry Potter-based dream in Furcadia, in which his character was a student at Hogwarts with other players.



Framwinkle's ship, the FSS Framwinkle, (THS 6409,) is a heavily modified Constitution Class heavy cruiser, with a length of 289 meters, and made in the visual style of the original Constitution Class vehicles. Not an officially recognized or registered star ship, the FSS Framwinkle was constructed in secret, inside a hollowed asteroid in an undisclosed and uninhabited star system, using modified transporter technology to build it atom by atom. All systems are completely automated, and in fact, Captain Framwinkle is the only biological crew member aboard, the other crew member being the ship's computer itself, which is manifested in the form of a hologram.

Although appearing as an original Constitution Class ship, The Framwinkle actually contains modern, and even experimental, technology on the inside. Most visually signifigant are the Warp Assited Rail Guns, (W.A.R.Gs,) facing fore and aft in the primary and secondary hulls, which can fire projectiles at faster than light speeds, and are able to tear a hole in an enemy's shields to do signifigant damage, even while both ships are travelling at warp speed. The other signifigant technology is the Transporter-based Automatic Maintence System, (T.A.M.S.) which uses independently opperating, networked transporter modules spread throughout the ship to automatically maintain and repair ship's systems, nearly eliminating the need for a crew, and making repairs much faster than ordinary ships.

Speaking of other "ships", Framwinkle favors the following:

  • In Rescue Rangers, Framwinkle favors the pairings of Chip with Gadget, and Dale with Foxglove.
  • In Digimon, he favors Taichi with Sora, Jou with Mimi, Takeru with Hikari, and Youlei with Ken.
  • In Tiny Toons, he favors Buster with Babs, Plucky with Shirley, Hampton with Fifi.


Below is a partial list of communities, sites and mailing lists this person belonged to at some point.


What few fanworks Framwinkle has done can be found on his website,


Framwinkle won a Golden Acorn Award for Best Original Costuming in 2006 for his Santa Maus picture of Gadget in a Santa outfit. Thankfully, there was a three way tie for this particular award, so two real artists also won it that year.

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