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Freedom of Speech Fanfiction also known as FOSFF is a general fanfiction site and accept also the originals fics.

The Archivists

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Archive Policies

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Archive History

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  • On October 12, 2007, FOSFF faced some technical difficulties with their current host, and were looking for new host which would be lot more flexible in money options. Until new order, for further updates and information, FOSFF users had to go to and the FOSFF forum which was still open.
The site will be closed through the month of December. It will be undergoing maintenance and I ask that all mods and admins not mess around or change anything on here unless asked to during that time. I understand that this sort of news is very unwelcome, but December is a good month to take some time away from the computer anyway. Or at least to take a break from writing, reading fan fiction, and whatever else people do on here.

To answer a few questions before they are asked:.

Yes. The purge will take place during this time..

Yes. Bugs issues will be addressed.

No. I do not know the exact date we will reopen the site; possibly early January if everything goes well..

Yes. Every single person on this site should find some way to save their stories.. Email them to yourself, use free storage options, save them on disc, or just put them on your computer. Always keep a copy of your stories somewhere, because there is no way to guarantee it will be safe otherwise. Things happen..

Do NOT send emails asking when the site will be up..

Do NOT badger the mods or admin about the downtime or purge..

Do NOT come to us the day before or the day of and say you need more time.. we've been warning you about this for months and we even sent emails to every member of this site..

Asking me about being a mod won't do any good; that isn't what I do on this site. The other admins take care of that part right now..

And yes, we should have new skins to play with when the site comes back up..

|About the Purge|.

I'm going to address a couple of issues about this real quick to remind everyone that I am not as much a bitch as people like to think..

We are not deleting stories based on if we like them or not..

We are not deleting stories with minor problems..

We are not going to eat you if you aren't a grammar freak..

We are not going to delete all your stories if one is bad..

We are not responsible if you do not save your stories..

We are going to follow a strict guideline for deleting stories..

We are going to be certain before we delete them..

We are going to keep a list of what we delete..

We are going to be fair..

That should take care of everything for now. Save your stories. Save stories you really like just in case. Get your fix on the site. Have a happy holiday. .

Edit: xD Adding a couple of other answers to questions that arose..

From what I have seen of writers who's first language is not English, they really have nothing to worry about. They usually try harder than most writers who are English and thus don't end up writing the utter crap that we are looking for..

I'll put the forum up for you guys in a little while, and that will stay up during the purge..

As for emailing the authors of stories we delete.. maybe. Depends on how many and if we really feel like being bitched at after all this. If we do though, don't expect that we will give a detailed reason of why. It will be because they didn't pass our inspection, nothing more and nothing less..

I think that's it for now.. I'm gonna get back to cleaning and then hit my Php studies. xD.

Oh! Does anyone know the EXACT wording of the error that pops up? I need to know exactly what it says so I can work on that too.. ::never seems to catch it::.

  • As of June 1, 2009, the following message appeared when users tried to access the site:
The website is now closed.. The following message is now displayed for viewers. Account Temporarily Disabled.

This account has been temporarily disabled. If you are the owner of this account and have questions about its status, please contact your provider's technical support staff..

Thank you for your understanding..

  • As of August 11, 2009, it appeared that the site had closed again. Users reported the following error message:

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.[2]
  • On December 11, 2009, the site was again operational. Owner Idaten reported that the spam email issue was the factor in the site's suspension, and this was exacerbated by personal problems on Idaten's part. Site-wide emails were not working, so Idaten asked members to spread the news of the site's return by word-of-mouth.[5]

Archive Funding

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Archive Size

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