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Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.

  • Java Junkie: A fanfiction that ships Lorelai/Luke. Origin of the name is Lorelai's love of coffee and the fact that Luke sells her favorite.
  • Jolly Green Giant: a nickname given to Dean by non-fans. Origin is a comment made by Jess.
  • Literati: A fanfiction that ships Rory/Jess. Origin of the name presumed to be a pun on the game, and Rory and Jess' mutual love of books.
  • PDLD: A fanfiction that ships Rory/Finn. Origin of the name is the acronym Punch Drunk Love Duo.
  • Sophie: A fanfiction that ships Rory/Logan. Origin of the name is a Master and Commander reference in Season 5. Other names for Rory/Logan fics: Rogan.
  • Trory: A fanfiction that ships Tristan/Rory. Origin of the name is the combination of Rory and Tristan's names.
  • Narcoleptic: A fanfiction that ships Rory/Dean. Origin of the name is Lorelai calling Dean "Narcolepsy Boy" in season one.
  • LMLD: A fanfiction that ships Rory/Luke. Origin of the name is the acronym Like Mother, Like Daughter.


Below is a partial list of events by date that took place in the Gilmore Girls fan community.


  • Betsy Vera created a page called BEDLAM: About Writing – Beta Reading in 1998. Betsy’s page was notable for several reasons. Early on, in the late 1990s, this page was important in terms of defining how to beta read as the page contained examples of various beta reading jobs, giving different perspectives on how people actually went about the process. The story being critiqued and used as an example was from the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer community but the site was referenced in such communities as the Star Wars, Star Trek, Gilmore Girls and X-Men fan fiction communities.







Screen shot of dated to Match 7, 2005. Image from


Mailing list and LiveJournal community creation by year compared to other fandoms.
Number of LiveJournal communities compared to mailing lists created by year from the following fandoms: Andromeda, Charmed, CSI,Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, Xena, X-Files. Totals are based on years of creation found on those fandom's article pages as of December 15, 2006.
Anime and Television categories with most stories added on FanFiction.Net in 24 hour period December 29 to December 30, 2006


  • On January 1, 2007, the LiveJournal community 7musicalmusesv2 was created, and it hoped to include Gilmore Girls among its fandoms.
  • In May 2007, "'Luke and Lorelai: a journey of their kisses" was a popular fanvid circulating in the Gilmore Girls community. [51]




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Influential Fanworks

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Influential Communities

On January 24, 2008, misskitten on FanLib said of this community,

It may be for some fandsoms, but not all. Some of my fandoms are well-repressented on LJ, but I wouldn’t say any of them are the main channel for that fandom’s fanwork. For Firefly I would say the main channel is, for Gilmore Girls I would say and BWR are the main channels. Firefly seems well-repressented on LJ, at least to my impression, though I’m not an LJ user, but I can’t say GG has that strong a presence on LJ, at least not that big a group… [53]

Fandom Size

December 2006

There are 10,699 stories on FanFiction.Net as of December 6, 2006. [54] There are 15 stories on FanDomination.Net as of December 6, 2006. There are 10 stories on Fiction for Fans as of December 6, 2006. [55]

May 2007

As of May 23, 2007, there are 88 Gilmore Girls stories on FanLib. [56]

August 2007

As of August 17, 2007, there are 98 Gilmore Girls stories on FanLib. [57]

January 2008

As of January 1, 2008, there are 1,734 fans on FanPop. [58]

As of January 30, 2008, there were 220 stories, 43 videos, 23 images and 2 screenplays on FanLib. [59], 20 stories tagged gilmoregirls on Quizilla [60] and 13,181 stories on FanFiction.Net. [61]

Fandom Members

Below is a partial list of members of the Gilmore Girls fan fiction community.

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Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about this community.

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