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The Good Charlotte fan fiction community started around 2001, 2002. It was initially centered around FanFiction.Net. When on September 12, 2002, FanFiction.Net banned all real person fic, this community moved to FanDomination.Net.

In 2004, Lil_Princess incident happened. According to BleedingRain8281 on AIM, the timeline for this is "I'd say that she started around September, 2004. She ended in November....two months to get 2000 reads. 1000 reads a month, about 30 reads a night...that's alot." This incident caused a stir in fandom because Lil_Princess was writing deliberate badfic, making friends with people and otherwise trying to make the point that Good Charlotte fan fiction could suck but the author could be popular because quality did not matter. What mattered was who you knew. This meant that the community tolerated and encouraged poorly written drivel. This message was recieved but not happily so. It left a lot of people with a dirty taste in their mouths.

The Band

The band consists of the core members Benji and Joel Madden, Billy Martin, and Paul Thomas. Their newest drummer to date is Dean Buttersworth, aka 'Deano'. The band was founded while the twins, Benji and Joel, were in high school. But back then it was known as the Joel, Benji, and Brian Band. Thank goodness that name didn't fly. Over the years, Good Charlotte had a booming success, but bad luck with drummers. They went through many, often needing stand-ins for tours and such. The latest one to leave was Chris Wilson, who is currently with the band The Summer Obsession.

Fan fiction policy and history

In an AIM conversation with always_wrong on October 11, 2003, Good Charlotte has let it be known at concerts and signings that they do not appreciate LiveJournal role plays of themselves when they behave in certain ways. They have never approached a site officially, but they have let their views be known. The band has not said anything about fan fiction. [1]


Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan fiction community.

Twincest - This is a popular title of the pairings of Benji and Joel Madden, twin brothers in the band.

Tonji - A common name for the pairing of Benji Madden and best friend, Tony Lovato of MEST.

bb - Stands for baby. [2]


Below is a partial timeline of events that took place in this fan fiction community.



  • By 2002, the definition of Mary Sue began to change as Mary Sue became further and further removed from her roots. In communities like Harry Potter and Good Charlotte, on sites like SugarQuill and FanDomination.Net, the community took their understanding of Mary Sue, which was filtered through several layers of various fen, and came to a new understanding. This understanding began to define almost every original character in fiction as a Mary Sue as they all could be said to have traits of Mary Sue. In communities where there was a distinct absence of canonical female characters and people, in communities like Mest and Good Charlotte, Mary Sue began to be defined as any original female character in fan fiction.

2002 to 2005

  • During this period, fen engage in active private flame wars of authors regarding the writing of the boys as gay. A number lobby other fen to boycott the reading of this material.



  • Between September and November, the Lil_Princess incident happened in Good Charlotte fan fiction community. This involved the deliberate purveying of badfic ad mocking of fen for supporting it as good writing. The person behind Lil_Princess intended to prove that being a bad author didn’t mean anything, that the community supported authors who wrote crap.


  • By this time, there was a trend with beta reading. Some communities seem to embrace the term and embrace the concept of using beta readers. Some communities seem oblivious to the concept and writers were thus not encouraged to use beta readers. The Good Charlotte, Mest and AFI fan fiction communities seem rather oblivious to the term beta reader. A few authors have heard of it. Of those, few if any use one. Their familiarity with the term generally comes from having run across big name fans in the community thanking their beta readers in the author notes section of their story. The communities that do not seem to be using the term generally appear to be dominated by younger authors, authors who were dropping into the fan fiction community just to write for their fandom, authors who were in their first fandom and communities with a lack of long established members of the broader fan fiction community pushing the broader community’s cultural practices on them.


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Influential Stories

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Fandom members

Below is a partial list of members of the Good Charlotte fan fiction community.

Fandom Size

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