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Gosselins Without Pity is a blog that discusses Jon and Kate Plus 8.


This section needs more information. The blog currently has six moderators and over 7 milion hits.

As of October 1, 2009, the blog has over 8.7 million hits.


On April 28, 2008, the blog Gosselins Without Pity had its first dated post on their current home on BlogSpot. [1]

In September 2008, Gosselins Without Pity suffered some down time. [2]

In September 2008, the fan community kerfluffled over the blogs PennsMommy and Gosselins Without Pity and if they were an invasion of privacy. [3]

In January 2009, Gosselins Without Pity posted a request for readers to help a reporter doing an article about the family. [4]

In March 2009, the show ran a promo about big news after a new episode. There was a lot of speculation that the news would be that Jon and Kate were getting divorced. Over on Gosselins Without Pity, a number of people thought it was just hype with the show trying to use the controversy about Jon to get more viewers. [5]

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The blog has run many exclusives including the Gosselin's purchase of a new house and Jon's purchase of a sports car.

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