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Greg Neufeld was a contestant on Canadian Idol.


Taken from CTV's Idol Competitors 2006:

Age: 22
Occupation: House Framer
Hometown: Abbotsford, BC
Audition City: Vancouver, BC
Place of Birth: Langley, BC
Sounds Like: Dave Matthews / Jason Mraz
Nickname: "Neuf"
Identifies With: U2, Dave Matthews, Coldplay
Canadian Idol: Jacob Hoggard
Favourite Song: Two Step
Motto: "Live, Love, Laugh"

"I love to sing. I love to perform. If I can make someone happy through music then it's all worth it."

Opening for The Trews with his band di marco, graduating from high school, receiving an athletic scholarship and his first Dave Mathews Band concert are all highlights of Greg's life. "Dave Mathews taught me how to play guitar. Two Step is one of his songs that touches me the most," he says.

Greg aspires to have a career of longevity but realizes that this is a difficult task. He credits his success in Canadian Idol thus far to his unique-sounding voice, his outgoing personality and support from his family.

"It's going to take something that nobody has seen before," he says. "The talent on Canadian Idol has progressively gotten better, so for me to win I have to be original and entertaining and nail every performance."

Greg's hobbies include wakeboarding and being out on the lake with his friends. He also enjoys ice hockey, basketball and a little bocce ball on the side. He is a huge Vancouver Canucks fan and also enjoys watching B.C. Lions football.

His favourite food is pizza and he can be seen wearing his favourite short brim hats. Greg also enjoys watching Dumb and Dumber and his favourite TV program is CSI.

What advice does Greg have for other Canadian Idol hopefuls? "You have nothing to lose. If the judges think you're good then you're probably pretty good. It's the biggest show in Canada and it's given me an opportunity to do something I love."

The song title that best describes Greg? The Beach Boys' "Fun, Fun, Fun," he says.


In the truest sense of Fandom, Greg's fanbase can be found at idolforums and his forum on the CTV boards, Greg Neufeld. However, the Live Journal community Team Greg has been active since his first stint on idol, and may be the best place for current news.

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