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Picture of Grissom/Sara from the episode Empty Eyes. Image from PureJorja.Net


Grissom/Sara is a het pairing of Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle for CSI. It is one of the most popular ships in the fandom. It is commonly referred to as GSR, borrowing the pairing code convention from the X-Files fandom.


Below is a partial list of CSI Grissom/Sara fandom specific terminology.

  • Geek Love is a pairing name for Grissom/Sara. [1]
  • GSR stands for Grissom/Sara Romance. This term has been used in the CSI fandom since the show first aired.

Timeline of events

Below is a partial list of events for the Grissom/Sara part of the CSI fandom.







Generated on April 14, 2007 from BlogPulse: Grissom/Sara, Grissom/Catherine, Catherine/Sara in comparitive mentions.
  • On June 30, 2006, the CSI LiveJournal Grissom/Sara, Grissom/Catherine community gcr_gsr was created. [18]
  • In late June 2007 into late July 2007, it is discovered that TraceZBullet has continued posting other people's CSI stories, mostly Grissom/Sara fics, as her own on FanFiction.Net.[19] They note that TraceZBullet admitted to one of them that they would not have plagiarized the author if she had known how well known the author was. TraceZBullet admitted to continuing to plagiarize lesser known authors and saw no problems with it.
  • During July and August, the MySpace CSI fandom continued to discuss Living Doll and what they wanted in the new season. A lot of this included Sara Sidle loving and Sara Sidle bashing. Both sides were very vocal in their positions. This same community, while actively discussion CSI tended to avoid all references to fan fiction.
  • In early August the Grissom/Sara fandom located on the GoogleGroup GRISSOMSARATALK continued to hold discussing Jorja Fox's sexuality as off topic because Jorja Fox has not come out of the closet. To that extent, this meant that lesbian members of the group were not encouraged to discuss her in that manner, nor acknowledge that lesbian fans are one of the reasons why Sara Sidle is such a popular character on the show. At the same time, it was deemed acceptable to discuss the heterosexual female fans of William Peterson because William Peterson is out regarding is heterosexuality.
  • In early August, the geekfiction summer ficathon entries were posted. Many well known authors participated, as well as several new authors, writing fanfiction for the first time.
  • In early August, several fanfiction writers were made aware that their work was being linked at and being flamed in the process.[20] The discovery motivates some to pull their work, while some are simply surprised to see they have been linked there.

Fan Art


There is a large and active Grissom/Sara icon making community on LiveJournal.

Influential fan art

Fan Fiction

Having babies

Almost any couple on CSI can have children, helped along because Catherine Willows is canonically a parent. mpreg is not as present in this fandom as other fandoms because the show is set in a context where that would not be realistic. Instead, if two male characters have a baby, it comes about through adoption or events in their past. This happens occassionally for pairings like Nick/Greg. The most popular pairings for babies to appear in are Grissom/Sara, Nick/Sara and Catherine/Warrick. Babies making an appearance in femslash is a rarity.

Influential stories

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There is a community of Grissom/Sara fanvidders that is found on YouTube.

Influential fanvids

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This kerfluffle involved unhappy Gil/Catherine shippers who were unhappy, based on spoilers, that their ship was not getting the airtime it deserved. They contacted TPTB about people affiliated with the show leaking spoilers in retaliation. Some of this retalation was aimed directly at Grissom/Sara shippers who were getting really good spoilers from posters like mystery on YourTaxDollarsAtWork.


Charity Work

The CSI fandom has groups of fans who have done a great deal of charity work. This charity work is frequently organized around a specific CSI fan group for the benefit of a charity related to CSI, CBS or an actor. Charity work is also done for charities affiliated with specific fans.

The LiveJournal community geekfiction has completed several charity related fund raisers. One was done in April 2007. By April 2 , 2007, geekfiction members have raised $15,000 for Bet Tzedek Legal Services. [21]

Fan Advocacy

Fans of the show have engaged in a number of advocacy projects in order to try to help the show, lobby for certain things to be done in fandom, or to help actors on the show.

During the writers strike, members of YourTaxDollarsAtWork and other CSI fansites sent the "moguls" boxes and boxes of pencils in support of the writers. They were also in contact with David Rambo and shared with him their plans to support the writers.


See Grissom/Sara fans for an index of shippers.


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