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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing first aired in Japan in 1995, migrating to the United States first via fansubbed videotapes before being picked up for broadcast on Cartoon Network's Toonami block in March of 2000. While it is set in a universe very similar to that of the other multiple Gundam series, it is a separate and different take on the Gundam story and themes. Fans of the older Gundam series are usually not fans of Gundam Wing[citation needed], and there has been animosity noted between the bulk of Gundam fandom and the Gundam Wing fandom.

Character/Pairing Notations

As the main characters of Gundam Wing have references to numbers in their names, character and pairing notations in the GW fandom are most often given as numbers. For the uninitiated, pairing listings on a fic can resemble a bizarre algebraic equation, but it really is quite simple. The pilot's names match the code numbers assigned to their Gundams, which in turn match up with the LaGrange Point of their colony of origin.

1 = Heero Yuy, pilot of Wing (Gundam 01); from the L1 colony
2 = Duo Maxwell, pilot of Deathscythe (Gundam 02); from the L2 colony
3 = Trowa Barton, pilot of Heavyarms (Gundam 03); from the L3 colony
4 = Quatre Raberba Winner, pilot of Sandrock (Gundam 04); from the L4 colony
5 = Chang Wufei, pilot of Shenlong (Gundam 05); from the L5 colony

From there, other characters also have numeric names, although those numbers are not representative of their country or colony of origin.

6 = Zechs Merquise
9 = Lucrezia Noin
11 = Lady Une
13 = Treize Khushrenada

For characters who do not have names correlating with a number, fandom notation is typically made with the first letter of their name.

R = Relena Darlian Peacecraft
D = Dorothy Catalonia
H = Hilde Schbeiker
C = Catherine Bloom
M = Long Meiran
S = Sally Po


angst: extreme emotional distress

AU: Alternate Universe; not taking place in the GW/war/EW universe

blanketfic: generally involves two (or more) characters huddling together under a blanket for warmth. Citrus generally ensues because of the proxmity.

citrus: implies some sort of sexual content

crossover: combining characters and worlds from two or more animes, movies, etc.

deathfic: one (or more) characters die in the fic, may be major characters or minor

fluff: not a fic dealing with serious matters, or it deals with them in a non-serious way

fusion: casting the GW characters in the roles of another anime, movie, etc. without using the second thing's characters

het: a heterosexual relationship, aka male/female pairing

lemon: graphic/explicit sexual content

lime: non-graphic/explicit sexual content; perhaps just doesn't go as "far" as a lemon would

NCS: Non Consensual Situations; implies rape

OC: Original Character; the author uses their own characters in the fic (for example, any children had by the pilots would be OCs)

OFC: Original Female Character; (see above)

OMC: Original Male Character; (see above)

OOC: Out Of Character; a character does not behave how s/he does in the series (ex. Heero being turned into a housewife uber-uke for Duo.)

PWP: Plot? What Plot?; indicates a story does not have a plot. Could just be an introspective stream-of-consciousness piece, or a lemon

RFO: Relena Finds Out; I believe Talya Firedancer is credited with coining this term. Relena finds out about Heero and another character (that obviously isn't her.)

sap: extreme romanticism to the point of being sickeningly sweet

shoujo ai: literally "girl love." Means female/female relationships are in the fic. Normally shoujo ai implies non-physical (maybe kissing) relationships.

shounen ai: literally "boy love." Means male/male relationships are in the fic. Normally shounen ai implies non-physical (maybe kissing) relationships.

songfic: a fic dependent on the lyrics of a song, which are inserted in the fic.

TWT: Timeline? What Timeline?; indicates a fic doesn't take place in the Episode Zero/series/EW timeline of GW. Ex. After EW fics.

vidfic: a fic written sort of like a screenplay, focuses on the scene rather than dialogue. Set to a song 99% of the time.

WAFF: Warm And Fuzzy Feeling; not much more to it than that.

yaoi: male/male relationships, the physical version of shounen ai.

yuri: female/female relationships, the physical version of shoujo ai.

Popular pairings

The majority of the fandom is yaoi-centric, with the predominant pairings being 1x2 and 3x4. That said, it must be noted that the show itself is rather open-ended about how the relationships between the characters might go, and there is virtually no end to the pairing combinations and possibilites fans have explored. Fics featuring all five of the pilots (1x2x3x4x5, also called boypiles) in romantic or sexual relationsips are not uncommon, and threesomes of many varieties - yaoi, het, and yuri - are easily found.

Favorite het pairings in the fandom include 1xR, 2xH, 5xS, 6x9, and 11x13. However, it must be stated again that these are not set in stone - the het combinations are almost as diverse as the yaoi pairings.

The volume of yuri fic in the fandom is the lowest of the three, with the most popular yuri pairing being DxR. Although rarer, RxH, 9xS and 9x11 are not unheard of.

Fandom migration

Early numbers from an informal poll taken by windsor blue indicate that fans who migrated from other fandoms to the Gundam Wing fandom did so through Sailor Moon, Star Wars, and Weiß Kreuz fandoms. That said, nearly a third of the respondents have reported that they consider Gundam Wing their first fandom experience.

The same poll indicates that the most popular fandoms migrated to and from Gundam Wing were Full Metal Alchemist (32.1%), Naruto (24.2%), Pirates of the Caribbean (21.2%), Firefly (16.4%), and Prince of Tennis (14.5%). Thus far, some 67 fandoms have been named as being starting points that led to Gundam Wing, while 92 fandoms have been named as having been discovered after involvement in Gundam Wing.

Link to the poll:

Timeline of the Gundam Wing fandom

Below is a list of terms and their definitions that are used in this fan community.



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  • The theatrical version of Endless Waltz is released in Japan in 1998. This version re-uses much of the footage from the OVA version while extending certain scenes and removing breaks between episodes to facilitate a smoother viewing experience.


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Anime and Television categories with most stories added on FanFiction.Net in 24 hour period December 29 to December 30, 2006


Generated on April 14, 2007 from BlogPulse: Bleach, Gundam, X-Files in comparitive mentions.



  • "In a bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics and the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Gundam, the construction of a giant, “life-size” Gundam is being constructed in Odaiba, Tokyo." [48]
  • In November, a cosplay group called modnarians began their multi-year Gundam Wing group with a photoshoot at Epcot.


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Influential Fanworks

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The Internet


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It's safe to say at this point that a majority of fandom traffic has moved from mailing lists to LiveJournal. Most of the active fans maintain journals for their fic, art, icons and other fanworks. An interest search of "Gundam Wing" turns up 373 communities and 433 users. The LiveJournal format seems to be especially conducive to role-playing communities. Some, such as Slow as Hell, were used as a writing exercise for the players; while others such as Semper Fidelis, Solacium, Albert Johnson University, and Flying Blind have served as more interactive environments between the role-players and the readers. Still other commmunities have evolved around specific types of fic, such as GW500; or from a mini-fandom spawned by specific fic or OC, such as Pookie.

Fandom Size

Story totals from random fandoms are from FanWorks.Org, FicWad, SkyHawke, AdultFanFiction.Net, FanDomination.Net, MediaMiner.Org, FanFiction.Net and FanLib as of June 13, 2007.

The Gundam Wing fandom peaked in the years between the Japanese release of the anime (1995) and the two to three years following the American broadcast of the series on Cartoon Network's Toonami in 2000. Since around 2002-2003, the western fandom has declined considerably, but there are still many dedicated fans.

As of April 2007:

- 360+ Livejournal communities and 400+ individual users list "Gundam Wing" as an interst

- includes over 33,000 Gundam Wing stories

- GWAddiction includes over 2,600 stories by over 100 authors

See also Gundam Wing fan fiction community size.

Fandom members

See Category:Gundam Wing fans.

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[49] Below is a partial list of articles and academic sources to help you continue to learn about this community.

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