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Total posts made to DracoGinnyFanFic, HarryxLucius, Hermione_FanFictionHP, HPforGrownups, ParadigmOfUncertainty, Psychic_Serpent, Sirius_Black_and_Remus_Lupin, snapesupport, WhenIKissedTheTeacher mailing lists. They were some of the busiest Harry Potter mailing lists in 2006.

HPforGrownups is a Harry Potter mailing list.



  • On September 17, 1999, HPforGrownups, a mailing list which now has over 21,000 members, was founded. The HPforGrownups website was founded on August 25, 2000.
  • By June 2000, the list had a policy of no introductions.
  • By August 27, 2000, Heidi8 and Cassandra Claire were aware of each other enough for Heidi to be actively plugging Cassandra Claire's work on HPforGrownups. [1] This post reads as follows:
badgers' kin wrote:
> Are there any more out there that someone would recommend? I know
> there are thousands, but really, I'd like a hint at some of the
> better
> ones, in you opinion.
Has anyone recommended Draco Dormiens from Cassandra Claire?
You can find it at http://www.fanfiction.net too. [2]
Heidi's post was a bit unusual in the context of the conversation. Heidi's post focused only on Cassandra Claire, not making any references to other works. This stands out as other posts were discussing other authors, and naming multiple names. [3][4]
Message 7557
From: "Ebony "
Date: Fri Dec 22, 2000 12:47 am
Subject: Re: The Kiss
Today I realized that I wasn't a post-GoF R/H shipper for six weeks... it was only for seven days, thank goodness. "And on the seventh day, she found PoU and learned that there was hope for H/H after all."
--Ebony [13]

This post goes to further emphasize the influence that key stories like Lori Summers's Paradigm of Uncertainty had on other authors and those authors' ship preferences during that era.

  • At some point during December 2000, Peg Kerr, a professional author, had entered Cassandra Claire's professional author friends. This was one of her earliest professional author aquaintences, an aquaintence type that she would begin to actively court. Peg Kerr would become a regular in HPforGrownUps regular Sunday chats.
  • January 2001 rolled around. Canon purists on HPforGrownUps had begun to realize that various established places for Harry Potter discussion were not for them. [14][15][16] The ship war back in October 2000 had confirmed it. Authors like Cassandra Claire and Lori Summers were immensely popular and had a fan base who would and did push their fan oriented views on canon purists. This pushiness, this trying to assert control over the nature of various discussions of the canon, which was still going on, led to SugarQuill being founded on January 3, 2001. This pushiness would also lead to some harshness later over such issues as Cassandra Claire's stalker, Gryffindor Tower and more. The canon purists that stay on HPforGrownUps tended to be ones who were not invested in the fan fiction community. Still, there were bigger issues going on that month that would be more memorable in this history of Heidi and Cassandra Claire's involvement in the fan fiction community.
  • On January 24, 2001, Heidi8 made a post to HPforGrownups on her view of the legality of fan fiction, disclaimers and her past own actions. [17] This post is notable because it goes towards establishing the context of later behavior on her part and the image that Heidi is actively trying to portray in fandom: a lawyer specializing in intellectual property who is also an ethical individual. Heidi is intrinsically linking, by this time, her lawyer persona with her fannish persona. The twining of these two parts is clear when Heidi says in her post "I took this opportunity, and my job as an intellectual property/privacy/electronic commerce lawyer to do a little checking on caselaw" [18] Heidi goes on to mention that there is no case law though cease and desist letters have been sent out. The implication is that fan fiction writers have routinely, historically backed off when confronted with corporate lawyers. Heidi's knowledge of this thus makes her disclaimers of "The characters in this section all belong to JK Rowling, but if her people want to come after me, I can defend myself under both New York and Florida law." a bit more troubling. These disclaimers were against the norm for fandom. There are few other well known examples where a fan fiction author showed flagrant disregard for fannish standards of behavior which basically said that when you're asked to stop by the creators, you stop. Why this is not done is open to some speculation. There are three general arguments that could be made for why not. The first is that the average fan cannot afford to be sued. The second is that authors feared the backlash if they were sued that could put fan fiction at legal risk. The last reason is that it is a fannish tradition. At any rate, Heidi offers legal advice in the e-mail:
Therefore, here's my This-Is-Not-Legal-Advice Statement: Fanfiction may or may not be copyright infringement, but you're definitely better off putting a disclaimer on it, and anyone who wants to risk being a test case on the question of whether fanfic is an infringement or not should go publish a Zine and send a copy to Warner Bros... [19]

Heidi's post, it should be noted, also included a response to Dai. Dai will later show up as being involved with Sinead as one of Cassandra Claire's alleged stalkers who hacked other people's accounts. The response to Dai that Heidi made gives no indication as to what is going to happen.

I would MUCH rather see Hermione end up with Draco than with Ron, as long as Draco mends his ways a bit (I don't want him to be "nice" either.) On alternate days, I would rather see Hermione wind up with Draco than with Harry. (A fact which affords Lori much pain, I am aware.) Ron/Hermione actively squicks me, Ron/Harry just puzzles me, and as for Ron/Draco...what CAN they be thinking?
...I don't think this necessarily means that I don't like Ron, which is an accusation often leveled at us H/H types...I like him okay. I just don't like him with Hermione. However, if the books do tend that way, I will survive. After all, Little Women is still one of my favorite childhood books, even though I have never forgiven Louisa May Alcott for what she did to Jo and Laurie -- a horrendous mistake IMHO. [21][22]
This is somewhat of importance as Cassandra Claire is generally associated with either Harry/Hermione or Harry/Draco. Many people forget that, for a time, Cassandra Claire was actively dabbling in the Hermione/Draco ship, a pairing she shared with Heidi.

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