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Hannibal Smith of The A-Team, as portrayed by actor George Peppard.



Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith is a character portrayed by actor George Peppard on The A-Team. The leader of the Team, he is known for his seemingly impossible, daring plans which he loves to see "come together". Rarely seen without his trademark cigar, Smith is tough, as well as a bit of a charmer when he wants to be, and when not evading the military police enjoys acting (under considerable make-up and disguise). His most "notable" role is as "The Aquamaniac", in a series of b-grade monster movies.


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The one canon ship for this character, which is also highly popular with fans, is that of Hannibal/Maggie. The most popular non-canon ship is the slash pairing Hannibal/Face, and some people have written and supported Hannibal/Amy and Hannibal/Murdock.


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Influential fanworks

  • Rita Ractliffe has written a considerable amount of fiction focusing on the character of Hannibal. Her portrayal of the character and detail regarding POW camps and experiences in Vietnam has made her work in such stories/fanzines as "Nightmare" highly notable.

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