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The XF Harem of Other Women was created in November 2001 after discussion threads on the P2K boards revealed an interest in minor female characters on The X-Files. Deslea, known up to that point in The X-Files fandom primarily for her archive of Krycek/Marita fanfiction, was the founder. The members of the list referred to themselves as "Wives" - the term originated from the P2K discussions in which like-minded fans found support for their niche preferences in fanfiction.

Discussions on the Harem list varied from fluff to heavy meta; fanfiction challenges concerning minor female characters such as Marita Covarrubias and Diana Fowley were common. Women characters other than Dana Scully were the focus of the list, and occasional focus was centered on minor character males such as Jeffrey Spender and Alex Krycek.

The list moved to LiveJournal in December of 2003.

A fanfiction archive for the Harem still exists at http://harem.deslea.com/.

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